Observation platforms in Odessa. List of the best observation decks in Odessa

Observation decks of Odessa

Observation decks of Odessa

Travelers who have climbed to the observation platforms of Odessa will be able to admire Deribasovskaya Street, Vorontsov Palace, City Garden, Novikov and Count Tolstoy palaces, Odessa Opera House and other objects from a height..

Observation deck of the Marine Station

The observation deck (each wing of the site is 50 m long) with the best views of the "business cards" of Odessa (Primorsky Boulevard, Vorontsovsky Mayak, Opera House) can be found on the 7th floor of the seaport. In addition, marine objects are clearly visible from here - those who wish will be able to observe the movement of ships in the harbor..

An excursion (visitors will listen to information about the history of the port and city), involving a visit to the observation deck, costs about 40 hryvnia.

Address: Primorskaya street, 6.

The Potemkin Stairs

Having overcome more than 190 steps of the staircase (height - 27 m), from above, tourists will be able to admire the harbor, seaport, Odessa Bay. This object is also interesting for the popular competition, the goal of which is to race to the top of the stairs (record time in 2013 - 22.8 seconds).

Don't want to walk? Take a ride on the nearby funicular, consisting of 2 cars (each accommodates 10 people) - it "duplicates" the route of the Potemkin Stairs (the journey will take a little more than 1 minute; cost - 2 hryvnia).

Address: Primorsky Boulevard.

Observation deck on Arcadia beach

From here, vacationers admire the views; on the beach itself, during the day, they spend time in sports areas, swim, sunbathe on sun loungers, indulge in water activities, and in the evening they visit local bars and clubs (after dark, the beach turns into a long dance floor).

Address: Genuezskaya street (you can get there by tram number 5, route taxis number 195 or 168, trolleybuses number 5 or 13).

Shevchenko park

The role of the observation deck here is played by the Watchtower: it is fenced with railings, and the path to the viewing platform is paved with tiles. It is worth noting that, if desired, guests can visit the Old Brick Exhibition. In addition, the park pleases guests with various attractions ("Cyclon", "Tornado", "Digimon" roller coasters), among which the 45-meter Ferris Wheel "South Palmyra" (50 hryvnia; 7 minutes) is of the greatest interest..

How to get there? At the service of travelers: trolleybuses No. 2 and 3; tram number 28; fixed-route taxis No. 233 and 203.

Mother-in-law's bridge

This bridge is a favorite place for walking, besides, from here you can see a part of old Odessa and the sea harbor..

Top-down accommodation

If you have a desire to admire the Black Sea water area every day during your stay in Odessa, it makes sense for you to stay in the "Panorama De Luxe" room on the top floor of the hotel (it is equipped with panoramic windows).

Address: Mukachevsky lane 6/8.


  • Observation decks of Odessa
  • Observation decks of Odessa
  • Observation decks of Odessa