Rest in Tashkent - photo. Summer vacation in Tashkent (Uzbekistan) 2015

Rest in Tashkent

Rest in Tashkent

Rest in Tashkent is an excellent opportunity to walk through bazaars and city markets, taste Uzbek cuisine, spend time in parks planted with trees, shrubs and flowers (contests, mass events, flower and pilaf holidays are often held here).

The main types of recreation in Tashkent

  • Sightseeing: on excursions, you will be offered to stroll along Amir Timur Square, explore the Palace of Forums, the 19th century Law Institute, the Kaffal Shashi Mausoleum, the Khoja Akhrar Vali Mosque, the Abul-Kasym Madrasah, the Tashkent TV Tower, the Kukeldash Madrasah, the Shahrakhanta Hazret Imam memorial architectural complex , go to the ancient settlement Shashtepa.
  • Active: active tourists are given the opportunity to climb the mountains, ride horses or camels, go trekking or hiking, play golf (at their service - Tashkent golf club on the lakes) or paintball.
  • Family: the whole family can visit the Lokomotiv Amusement Park (there are play areas and attractions for children of all ages, for lovers of quiet relaxation - the Garden Zone, and for extreme lovers - Extreme Zone), a water park “Aqua land” (here you can play handball, volleyball, mini-football, swim in the pools, including the wave pool, frolic on various slides, for example, you can slide down from the start “Kamikaze”), Tashkent Disneyland (here you can ride various attractions - “Jungle”, “A hammer”, “Roller coaster”, “Ferris wheel”).

Prices for tours to Tashkent

Summer months, as well as May and September, are great for recreation in the capital of Uzbekistan. At this time, considered a high season, prices for tours to Tashkent rise by about 35-45%. To save a little, you can come to this city on vacation in October-November or March-April. Another option for an economical vacation is to look for hot tours to Tashkent or go on vacation here in winter..

On a note!

Since Tashkent treats children in a special way, those who go to entertainment centers with children can expect to receive discounts (some establishments allow young guests free of charge).

Although the local tap water is safe and drinkable, it is better for tourists to consume bottled water..

Paying for goods and services in Tashkent with a card is not a problem, but when going to local markets and small shops located far from the center, you should have cash with you..

In memory of the rest in Tashkent, it is worth bringing dolls in national costumes, Uzbek wine, tea, dried fruits, spices, traditional knives and daggers, camel wool products, handmade wood boxes, copper dishes in the national style (teapots, cauldrons), carpets (for shopping you can go to the Yangiabad market).

Photos of rest in Tashkent

  • Rest in Tashkent
  • Rest in Tashkent
  • Rest in Tashkent