Population of the Vatican. Population in the Vatican: features, density, composition

Vatican population

Vatican population

The population of the Vatican is more than 800 people (700 people have citizenship of the Holy See).

The Vatican does not have a permanent population: the Pope, the leaders of the Roman curia, priests, nuns live here.

Vatican citizenship is granted to those people who are in public service in the Vatican (here they issue exclusively diplomatic and service passports for carrying out activities abroad). After service, citizenship is lost, and if the citizen does not have another citizenship, he receives Italian citizenship.

National composition:

  • Italians;
  • Swiss.

The official languages ​​are Italian and Latin.

Everyone who lives in the Vatican is Catholic.

Life span

Women live on average to 81 and men to 74.

In the city-state of the Vatican, supervision of the health care system is carried out by a special medical service, whose duty is to carry out preventive measures and treat various diseases, as well as to monitor compliance with hygienic and sanitary requirements for food and water..

Traditions and customs in the Vatican

Society in the Vatican is greatly influenced by the Catholic Church. Very spectacularly, the Vatican celebrates not only religious holidays - Easter, Christmas, but also the secular New Year - at midnight on December 31, a solemn Mass begins on the square in front of St. Peter's Basilica, in which the Pope himself takes an active part.

Going to the Vatican?

  • plan to visit churches from 7:00 to 12:00, and after a 2-3-hour break, they will open their doors to visitors until 19:00;
  • in the city-state of the Vatican, smoking is prohibited in public places, especially in the vicinity of temples;
  • when visiting museums, it is worth considering that photography and video filming is prohibited in many halls (cameras and camcorders will have to be handed over to the storage room forcibly).


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