Vietnam holidays are traditions. Vietnam National Holidays

Vietnam Holidays

Vietnam Holidays

Many holidays in Vietnam are tied to the lunar calendar, so they are celebrated on different days every year. It is worth noting that at almost every Vietnamese holiday you can see or hear about the Dragon, which is considered a symbol of nobility and power..

Vietnam Holidays and Festivals

  • Tet (January-February): for the New Year, Vietnamese do general cleaning in their homes, prepare festive dishes (meat and fruit dishes, square and round cakes and cakes), visit relatives, decorate trees and road poles with red pieces of paper written on them poems, and their homes - flowering branches of apricots or peaches, placing them in beautiful vases, and also worship ancestors and put their graves in order. Festive events are very extensive - Vietnamese and numerous tourists take part in various competitions, masquerades, games, admire musical performances, cockfighting, puppet theater performances on the water and colorful shows with fireworks.
  • Bull Race (August-September): This unusual show, accompanied by screams and violent emotions, is organized in the province of Anjang. These races are held in 2 stages: first, the bulls run in pairs in a circle “NS”, and then - in a circle “tha”. It should be noted that as a reward, the winner (driver) receives a substantial cash prize.
  • Fruit Festival in Ho Chi Minh City (June-August): at this time you can taste all kinds of tropical fruits, buy fruit products from Vietnamese farmers below market value by 20-40%, attend various events, including performances by artists, as well as walk in orchards (many fruits grow in the Mekong Delta).
  • Remembrance Day of the Hung Kings (April 28, 2015): all the fun takes place in the temple complex of the Hung kings (Phu Tho province) - here you can see the ritual of sacrifice, which consists in offering gifts to the spirits (obligatory gifts are round and square cakes). And after that, everyone takes part in the solemn processions..

Event tourism in Vietnam

As part of the event tours, you can visit various festivals, for example, on “Ian Tu”, “Dong Mai”, “Ba Hua Hu”, Keo Pagoda Festival, Water Festival “Njing Ong”, folk song festival “Xoan” and etc.

As for fans of sports events, tours are organized for them, involving a stay at the Sinh wrestling festival (January), bullfights (September-October), elephant races (April-May), boat festival (end of November).

In Vietnam, you can come to the Fragrant Pagoda Festival (a complex of mountain tombs and sanctuaries located in the province of Khatai). In this sacred place, it is necessary to pray to the Almighty for yourself and your family - it is believed that thanks to this you will be under the protection of good forces for a whole year. During the festival, it is worth visiting the nearby restaurants, where you will be offered to enjoy unusual and rare dishes (porcupine or deer meat).

Visiting Vietnam during holidays and festivals will bring you a lot of pleasant surprises in the form of all kinds of entertainment and fireworks.


  • Vietnam Holidays
  • Vietnam Holidays
  • Vietnam Holidays