Prices in Zimbabwe - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take in Zimbabwe

Prices in Zimbabwe

On average, prices in Zimbabwe are moderate: milk costs $ 1/1 liter, eggs - $ 1.2 / 10 pcs., And lunch in an inexpensive cafe - $ 7-8.

Shopping and souvenirs

In local shops you can buy a variety of quality and attractive souvenirs, including crocodile skin and other animals, as well as ivory (look at the shops in Harare and Bulawayo). It is worth noting that for any item purchased in Zimbabwe, you will pay 10-22% tax (the highest tax is typical for luxury goods). The exception is such goods as pottery, wicker, leather and wood and copper products (their export is encouraged by the state).

What to bring as a souvenir of your vacation in Zimbabwe?

  • drum of the Batonka tribe, jewelry with emeralds, malachite and other precious and semi-precious stones, paintings by local painters, soapstone figurines, national costumes, ethnic hats, lace products, copper products (dishes, vases, cutlery), leather products (bags, belts), pottery (jugs and vases, painted in the national style), African masks, animal skins, beads and ivory, national coins and banknotes;
  • spices, medicinal herbs.

In Zimbabwe, you can buy beaded products from $ 5, medicinal herbs - from $ 6, pottery - from $ 10, leather products - from $ 30, African masks - from $ 7.

Excursions and entertainment

On a tour of Harare you will see the Parliament building, Boca tobacco factory, colonial-style buildings, visit the Botanical Garden.
Walking around the city, you will see how harmoniously green parks, wide avenues, skyscrapers, double rows of shops, buildings in the Old English style are combined here. This tour will cost you $ 35.

If you wish, it is worth visiting the Archaeological Complex “Ruins of Great Zimbabwe” - on this tour, costing $ 80, you will see the ruins called “Acropolis”, and an elliptical wall (a unique method of mortarless masonry was used in its construction). Here you will have the opportunity to walk along the mysterious passages of the inner part of the complex and take a photo against the backdrop of the Zimbabwean tower.


Depending on the distance, you will pay $ 1-1.5 for travel by bus or minibus. And using the services of a taxi, 1 km of the way will cost you $ 1.5. In large cities, you can rent a car - 1 day rental costs about $ 50-70 per day. As for the international bus service, it is poorly developed in the country: modern air-conditioned buses run mainly between large cities (on average, the fare will cost $ 10-12).

Economical tourists on vacation in Zimbabwe will need about $ 20 per day for 1 person (accommodation + meals). But for a more comfortable stay, it is advisable to have an amount at the rate of $ 50-60 per day for 1 person.