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Car rental in Croatia

Car rental in Croatia

A citizen of at least 21 years of age can rent a car in Croatia, in addition, he must have a driving experience of at least three years. To arrange a lease, you must provide a credit card that has an amount sufficient for a deposit. You will also need a passport and driver's license. In the absence of a credit card, a deposit of 150-300 euros is left. At the same time, you can rent a car right at the airports, where there are offices of well-known rental companies. You will pay from 50 EUR per day of rent.

Do not forget that when concluding a contract, you should find out what exactly is included in the price. Typically, this includes: unlimited mileage, liability insurance, road traffic accident and theft insurance, as well as surcharges and all existing local taxes..

You can pay additionally:

  • Navigator;
  • Child seat;
  • Co-driver insurance or super insurance.

You can also arrange for a fee «Green card» to travel outside the borders of Croatia. It should be remembered that none of the types of insurance cover damage to tires and glass..

Pros of renting a car in Croatia

You will feel the advantages of traveling around Croatia by car when you plunge into its wonderful nature with its impeccably clean sea and four thousand kilometers of coastline, where the smell of pine needles reigns, majestic cliffs rise, cut by depressions of bays.

In Croatia, everyone wants to experience nature in their own way. Some people like the stunning ecology: crystal clear sea and beautiful sandy beaches with pine trees towering above them. Someone comes to touch the healing power of one of the 20 mineral springs. And someone will go to a unique field of medicinal oil. But with a rented car, you can visit it all at once, building your own route..

At the same time, you can master the niche of the country's tourist attractions. Most of them are located near Split and Dubrovnik. These cities are recognized as World Heritage Sites. Split will delight you with the famous imperial palace of Diocletian. As the name suggests, it has been very well preserved from the time of the Roman Empire. And this is not a palace in the usual sense of the word. This is, in fact, a real ancient city..

Another legacy of the ancient Roman civilization is the city of Salona, ​​which can also be found near Split. Nevertheless, this city did not spare the time, and only the ruins of a once rich settlement have come down to us..

There is another interesting object here - the Klis fortress. It is not as old as the ruins of ancient settlements, but there are always a lot of tourists here. This is facilitated, among other things, by the stunning view from the cliff on which the fortification was erected..

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