Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July: prices and weather. Where to relax in the Dominican Republic in July

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July

Those who dream of endless ocean expanses, sunny beaches and quality service can find it all in the Dominican Republic. So far, this direction is not very well mastered by European tourists, due to an expensive and long flight. But this, in turn, guarantees an attentive attitude to each guest and the highest level of service..

Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July will take place in a beautiful setting of tropical beaches, cozy lagoons, colorful parrots flying up in flocks from dense thickets.

Dominican climate

Subtropical climate conditions help this small country to attract tourists, because they create the best conditions for recreation. High temperatures are less felt thanks to the trade winds blowing from the northeast.

July weather

Midsummer should provide a great holiday for European tourists. However, in the Dominican Republic, the opposite is true, the rainy season begins, it begins in May, and it rains quite often. The greatest amount of heavenly moisture falls in Santo Domingo, the minimum - in Barahona.

The second not very pleasant moment of rest is the exorbitant air temperatures combined with high humidity, during the day the column walks around the +31 ° C mark, at night it goes down, but not as low as tourists, exhausted by the heat, would like.

Guests of the country are pleased that it rains in a short time. In addition, an important point is the drop in prices for vouchers, a trip here can be planned by a family that does not have too much income, and it is better to leave the children at home..

Samana is waiting for guests

This Dominican Peninsula will appeal to lovers of a quiet, individual holiday. Many corners of untouched nature, groves of coconut trees, mysterious caves, waterfalls - everything sets you up for a romantic mood.

Merengue holiday

At the end of July, the Dominican Republic celebrates one of the largest holidays - the Merengue Festival. The city of Santo Domingo turns into one huge dance floor. On large stages and small catwalks, professionals and amateurs perform the Dominican folk dance. It is impossible to resist, every tourist understands and joins the company of dancing and having fun.

The dance festival imperceptibly turns into a huge folk festival, where there is a place for song and dance, craftsmen's fairs and exhibition projects. You can take away a lot of souvenirs and delicacies as a keepsake.

Photos of rest in the Dominican Republic

  • Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July
  • Holidays in the Dominican Republic in July