Taxi in the Dominican Republic - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in the Dominican Republic

Taxi in the Dominican Republic

Taxi in the Dominican Republic

Many tourists who choose the Dominican Republic as their vacation hardly think about whether the country has transport in general and a taxi, in particular. They propose to spend almost the entire vacation, basking on the seashore under the gentle rays of the sun. Upon arrival, they are surprised to note the good level of development of the transport infrastructure. And a taxi in the Dominican Republic is practically the only way for tourists to travel, except for exotic trips to «moto concho» - a motorcycle providing the same taxi service, or route taxis used mainly for excursions.

Dominican features

The main roads in the country are relatively well maintained, while the provincial ones are much worse. In addition, the temperament and emotionality of local drivers affects the driving style and behavior..

The locals drive at high speeds, forgetting about the rules of decency on the road, overtake them, perform tough rearrangements, showing turns with gestures rather than signals. Many companies, Dominican and international, offer to rent a car. But given such a free treatment of colleagues on the highway, if necessary, it is best for a tourist to use the services of a taxi..

Dominican taxi

The difference in cost between fixed-route and regular taxis in the Dominican Republic is enormous. Taxis are too expensive, this is noted by all tourists, regardless of financial capabilities. Although the drivers themselves claim that the prices are official, but since gasoline is expensive, the trip will significantly empty the tourist's wallet..

For a ride on a motorcycle taxi, you can pay from 20 to 100 RD $ (the most arrogant), on a shuttle bus they will take from 20 to 60 RD $, and the money should be given to the conductor, and in his absence, pay immediately with the driver. Official stops do not seem to exist, the passenger can ask to drop him off anywhere.

A trip by the same taxi will cost an order of magnitude more, for example, travel around the city of Santo Domingo will cost an average of RD $ 200. The largest amounts are given by tourists who arrive at Punta Cana airport. Since newly arrived guests do not know the prices, taxi drivers can quote fabulous sums. True, smart tourists immediately begin to bargain and bring down the price, often seeking to reduce it by a third..

Telephone numbers for calling a taxi can be found at the airport or hotels, and by calling + 1-829-619-55-89, you can get to a Russian taxi driver, who will not only quickly take you to the place, but also «short course for a young Dominican tourist».

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  • Taxi in the Dominican Republic
  • Taxi in the Dominican Republic