Resorts of Haiti: photos, description

Haiti Resorts

Haiti Resorts

Haiti is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean, east of Central America. It was discovered by the first expedition of Christopher Columbus in 1492. The great navigator named the island Hispaniola in honor of his homeland left for a long time in the Old World. Only half of the island occupied by the Dominican Republic is usually considered as a tourist destination. The best beach resorts in Haiti are located here. The second part is occupied by the state of Haiti, in whose territory the tourism industry is still absent as a phenomenon due to colossal poverty and economic instability..

For or Against?

In terms of organization of recreation, the resorts of Haiti, located in the territory of the Dominican Republic, are one of the best in both hemispheres. And yet, a Russian tourist invariably has some doubts every time he has to cross the Atlantic:

  • Not too cheap flights? But if you closely follow the promotions and sales of airlines, you can book a seat on board without much damage to the family budget..
  • Long flight? It can always be diversified with a convenient connection in Europe, where each airport gives a lot of ways to pass the time until the next flight..
  • Long acclimatization? The mild climate in the resorts of Haiti will allow you to "fit" into a beach vacation without significant inconveniences and ailments.
  • Tourist safety? As for the resorts of Haiti located in the Dominican territory, only generally accepted precautions are required. The locals are very friendly and hospitable, and the police carefully enforce the law and are always ready to help the traveler..

Time for pleasure

The best time to relax in the resorts of Haiti is from November to mid-May. At this time, dry and warm weather sets in on the island. Thermometer columns tend to +30 during the day, but the heat is not felt at all, thanks to light breezes and low humidity.
The summer months are the rainy season on the island. However, precipitation almost does not interfere with rest on the beach, since their greatest amount usually falls in the late afternoon or at night. Tropical showers only bring freshness and coolness, which remains in the first morning hours.
Hotels in the resorts of Haiti work most often on an all-inclusive basis and represent large landscaped areas with a private beach, where you can find a lot of entertainment for both children and adults..


  • Haiti Resorts
  • Haiti Resorts