Prices in Cancun - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Cancun

Prices in Cancun

Prices in Cancun

Cancun is a major Mexican city and one of the most popular resorts. He gained worldwide fame not so long ago. This city did not exist in the middle of the last century. But today Cancun is a resort full of tourists. Vacation prices in Cancun are lower than in many other resort cities. The nature here is very picturesque and the climate is mild. Therefore, among other resorts in the country, tourists distinguish Cancun. The national currency of the country is the peso. But the resort accepts not only pesos, but also US dollars..

Accommodation for vacationers

The resort has hotels of different classes. The prices for the rooms in many of them are quite high, but the quality of service in them is not always ideal. The cost of housing in Cancun rises sharply during the New Year and Christmas holidays. The rest of the year, prices are affordable. A place in the cheapest hostel can be rented for $ 10 per day. Five-star hotels offer rooms for $ 100-500 per night.


Expenses in Cancun depend on the needs of the tourist. If you do not plan to have fun day and night, you can save money. People who spend their time actively spend a lot of money. The main expenses are related to entertainment and rental of equipment for water sports.

Cancun has a well-developed infrastructure for extreme water sports, tennis, golf, and others. Diving, water skiing, surfing and other entertainment are possible here. The resort is famous for its nightlife. After sunset, there are noisy parties in many places in Cancun. Despite this, the resort is perfect for families with children. All you need to do is choose the right hotel to enjoy a relaxing holiday.

Food for tourists

Cancun's restaurants offer reasonable prices for food and drinks. Tourists are happy to order Mexican cuisine. In local restaurants you can taste cornbread, fajitos, tortillas, guacamole, etc. On the streets, fast food is offered at low prices - $ 5-10. Food in restaurants is more expensive. Lunch costs about $ 30 per person.

What to buy in Cancun

The shopping area is located next to the beach area of ​​the resort. This is the Karakol square with over 200 shops. There are also good retail outlets in Nautilus Square. Prices in Cancun shops are the lowest on the coast, because local sellers do not pay taxes. Vacationers buy branded goods, clothing, accessories and souvenirs. Local artisans offer handmade bedspreads and ponchos, ceramics, souvenirs and jewelry made of silver, leather, onyx. Small items can be purchased for $ 5-15 per piece.



  • Prices in Cancun
  • Prices in Cancun
  • Prices in Cancun