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Seychelles traditional cuisine

Seychelles traditional cuisine

Food in the Seychelles is characterized by the fact that local dishes are quite spicy, so this should be taken into account when ordering (if you are not a fan of spicy, ask to add spices to your dish in moderation).

Food in hotel restaurants is not cheap, so if your goal is to save money, eat in small restaurants that are located on the shore or in settlements.

Food in the Seychelles

Seychelles cuisine is strongly influenced by Creole culinary traditions, so seafood and rice are used as the main ingredients (the most popular dishes are fish and rice; shark chateini; tuna steaks; shrimp with curry and sweet sauce or fried in garlic oil).

The diet of the Seychelles consists of vegetables, fruits, fish, seafood (lobsters, octopuses, crabs, lobsters), rice, meat (beef, pork, chicken, bat meat), spices (ginger, anise, cumin, saffron, nutmeg).

More than 15 types of bananas grow in the Seychelles: locals fry them, stew them, add them to salads and make mashed potatoes from them..

In the Seychelles, try the swordfish fillet baked in dough; shark chutney; baked bourgeois fish; flying fox stew; coconut fish curry; chicken in coconut milk; octopus salad (made from octopus, tomatoes, onions and lemon juice); pulao (a dish based on rice, meat, fish and vegetables); small crabs served with coconut gravy.

Vegetarians will be especially delighted in the Seychelles - here they can taste fried eggplant with spices, soups from vegetable stems and flowers, mashed potatoes from local pumpkin, dishes from bananas and breadfruit and other delicious dishes.

Where to eat in Seychelles? At your service:

  • restaurants where you can order dishes of both Creole and international cuisines (here you will appreciate the menu with a huge selection of dishes from various cuisines of the world, as well as the availability of a variety of cocktails);
  • cafes and restaurants specializing in French cuisine with local herbs, spices and seasonings added to dishes.

Seychelles drinks

Popular drinks for Seychelles residents are black and tea with vanilla, coffee, beer, baka (fermented sugarcane juice), kalu (fermented coconut juice), tinctures based on lemon mint, sugarcane, coconut juice.

It is more difficult to buy imported alcoholic beverages in the Seychelles than local ones (local ones are sold in more than 1000, and imported ones at no more than 100 points of sale). It is much easier to buy alcoholic drinks at the hotel, but their cost will be 2 times more expensive than the cost of the same drinks purchased in the store.

Seychelles food tour

For lovers of gastronomic tourism, a tour is organized in the Seychelles, involving a visit to restaurants of Creole cuisine. So, for example, you can visit a small family restaurant “Le Reduit” (it is located on the shore of Entendance Bay), where you will be offered to enjoy various seafood dishes (you will surely like the Seychelles crab in coconut milk).

Seychelles is not only white beaches, emerald surface of the Indian Ocean, amazing nature, but also delicious and extraordinary national cuisine.

Photos of Seychelles national dishes

  • Seychelles traditional cuisine
  • Seychelles traditional cuisine
  • Seychelles traditional cuisine