Holidays in Slovenia in June: prices and weather. Where to relax in Slovenia in June

Holidays in Slovenia in June

Holidays in Slovenia in June

In June, there are still not many tourists in Slovenia, although the weather becomes really summer. The air temperature can rise up to +30 degrees, and the water temperature - up to + 20 ... 22 degrees. If you wish, you can combine a beach holiday, a wellness program in a boarding house and a rich excursion program..

In the interior regions of Slovenia, precipitation may occur in early June, so it is important to take care of the availability of umbrellas and waterproof shoes. You should also take care of the correct route..

Holidays and festivals in Slovenia in June

  • An annual Wine Fair is held in Ljubljana, which has a long tradition. For the past few years, the fair has been merging with the International Exhibition of Gastronomy and Hospitality. The combination of the two events allows for increased interest among both local residents and tourists. The fair is of interest not only for visitors, but also for professionals. In this regard, on the first day the fair doors are open to everyone, and the remaining three days are open to professionals. The exhibition allows all interested people to get acquainted with the markets not only of Slovenia, but also of the former Yugoslavia, as well as Croatia, Hungary, Austria, Germany and Italy.
  • In late May - early June, the Križanka Theater in Ljubljana hosts the Arts Festival «Friend Godba». The festival lasts five days. Here you can hear jazz and folklore, see unusual films and fascinating animated films, take part in political debates and attend master classes.
  • International Music Festival «Idriart» held in June and allows you to learn the music of different countries of the world.
  • All jazz lovers can visit the International Jazz Festival, which falls on the end of June.
  • Sports events also deserve increased attention. You can attend golf competitions that start in June and end only in September, as well as the International Rowing Regatta. Get emotionally charged by rooting for top athletes!

Holidays in Slovenia in June is a unique chance to enjoy a beach holiday, an exciting excursion program, and interesting cultural leisure. Slovenia attracts many people with its picturesque nature and unusual culture!

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  • Holidays in Slovenia in June
  • Holidays in Slovenia in June