South African beaches: photo, video. The best sandy beaches in South Africa

South Africa beaches

The shores of South Africa are washed by the waters of two oceans at once - the Indian and the Atlantic. This country is attractive for tourists with its unusual nature and unique landscapes. And if you want to spend Christmas at sea, then the best solution is to go to the beaches of South Africa, where summer holidays will be in full swing. And Easter can be met here very well, because this time will coincide with the velvet autumn season in this country.

The beaches of South Africa are well-groomed and perfectly prepared for a good rest, even for very picky and demanding visitors. The beaches have everything you need - umbrellas, cabins, sun loungers, you can get special equipment for relaxing on the water. Each beach is equipped with medical aid stations and rescue services. Surfing, water skiing and other attractions on the water are very popular here..


The best sandy beaches in South Africa are Cape Town and Durban. The climate in Durban is humid and tropical. That is why it is a pleasure to rest in this resort. The city can be conditionally divided into two parts - the old one, where the picturesque Indian quarters have been preserved, and the new one. The beaches here are really just gorgeous. Life here does not stop in the evening and at night, but on the contrary, bars and restaurants hospitably open their doors and invite you to taste the cuisine of different countries and peoples.

Rest in Durban is: 320 sunny days a year; swimming throughout the year; and also a stunning attraction - diving into the depths of the sea in a cage next to ... sharks!

Cape Town

Cape Town itself is a very beautiful and attractive city. In architecture, not only different styles, but also epochs coexist here, and in addition, all this is buried in luxurious vegetation. The cuisine here is quite exquisite, there are many sights worth visiting, gorgeous beaches. They have a very wide tidal strip, so you should be careful so that the waves do not carry away to the rocks, where you can get hurt. Swimming here is very peculiar. The bottom line is that the water in the ocean is quite cool - about 16-17 degrees, and the air temperature is much higher. At the same time, the sensations are acute and indescribable! It is worth visiting Clifton Beach near this town. Here, sparkling, almost white sand sharply draws the line between the ocean and the coast, which is buried in lush vegetation. The rocky peaks have very original names: Devil's Peak, Lion's Head, Twelve Apostles ...

There are two other very popular beaches near Cape Town - Camps Bay and Landudno. And in the evening you will find bars and restaurants, walks along the promenade, a lot of souvenir shops, various shops and boutiques.

Photos of the beaches of South Africa