Christmas in Seville - photos, reviews

Christmas in Seville

Christmas in Seville

All those who will celebrate Christmas in Seville will be able to see street performances, admire the Christmas scenes in Belem, take part in festive events and enjoy gastronomic masterpieces.

Features of the celebration of Christmas in Seville

On the eve of Christmas, children go around neighboring houses to sing Christmas songs, and at the same time receive a small gift from the owners of the house in the form of sweets or coins.

Christmas for the Spaniards is a family celebration (families try to gather together), for which they decorate their houses with garlands. As for the transformation of the city, the streets and shop windows are beautifully illuminated and decorated for the holiday. And walking along the streets, in one of the stalls you can buy hot chestnuts fried on hot coals.

Believers usually attend midnight mass. And if we talk about the festive table, then wines and champagne, shrimps, lobsters and lobsters, turkey stuffed with vegetables and nuts or simply baked in the oven, fish dishes in the form of grilled sea pike perch, merlan in shrimp sauce or seafood are displayed on it. bream baked with lemon (at the end of the Christmas dinner, dates, hazelnuts, marzipans, raisins and turron appear on the table). And travelers can enjoy a Christmas meal in the "Azahar" restaurant, having booked a table there in advance..

Entertainment and celebrations in Seville

To get acquainted with Christmas Seville, you should go on a special excursion tour - thanks to it you will learn about the festive customs of Seville, try the traditional Roscon birthday cake, get acquainted with the tradition of setting up figurative reenactments of the birth of Jesus (Belén), visit the Flamenco Museum at a performance.

If you rest in Seville after Christmas, then on January 5, you will be able to celebrate the holiday of the Three Wise Men with the locals, accompanied by a parade, the participants of which dress in traditional costumes.

Christmas markets and fairs in Seville

If you feel like it, you can get some interesting gifts at one of the following Christmas markets:

  • Feria de Belen (Bethlehem fair - open until December 23) - here you can buy figurines for nativity scenes.
  • City Hall Christmas Crafts Market - Here you can get unique items created by local artisans.
  • Markets in Plaza de la Encarnacion square and Alameda de Hercules park (to move from one market to another, you can take a tourist train) - here you can not only treat yourself to sweets and hot chocolate, but also buy various souvenirs, and enjoy theatrical performances, and entertainment events and creative workshops are organized for children here every day.


  • Christmas in Seville
  • Christmas in Seville
  • Christmas in Seville