Ski resorts in the USA: photos, reviews. Alpine skiing in the USA

Ski Resorts USA

Ski Resorts USA

Tourists tend to go downhill skiing or snowboarding in the resorts of the New World for many reasons. Someone quite seriously assures that there is special snow in the States, and local skiing is completely different from alpine skiing. Others prefer overseas winter vacations because of the opportunity to combine sports with a rich excursion program, in which a walk around New York is worth a lot. Still others are not afraid even of the local prices and difficulties in obtaining a visa, because the tracks of North American ski resorts are slopes equipped with the latest technology, on which, as they say, everything is for people.
The main ski areas in the USA are concentrated in the states of California, Colorado, Utah and New York.

Aspen Resort Colorado

200 km of trails of various levels with powerful lifts represent the Aspen resort, which is not only the most prestigious, but also the most expensive in the States. There are several ski areas here, the most popular of which is Aspen Mountain. On Mount Ajax, there are trails for the most advanced. They are steep, along their length there are hillocks and depressions, in a word, for beginners it is too dangerous here. But the Buttermilk zone will quite suit those who do not have a high level of skiing or simply prefer calm descents to extreme..
For snowboarding, the Aspen resort in the Snowmass region has an excellent fun park. Trumps and kickers are always popular with somersaults, and two challenging halfpipes will help advanced board writers get their dose of positive emotions..
Aspen Resort offers unlimited opportunities for organizing outdoor activities. Here you can ride through forest reserves and the picturesque surrounding lakes, bask in the world's largest hot spring pool or fight in a paintball duel. The organizers of the resort have not forgotten about the children. Ski schools have the most qualified instructors, and children's tracks and a half-pipe for beginner young athletes will allow you to feel the first board in life more confidently..

Breckenridge Resort Colorado

This ski area is located between four mountains, for the lifts to which there is a single ticket. The resort is one of the highest located, and its slopes start at 4000 meters. At the very peaks, there are many hilly forest trails for the most desperate skiers and boarders. At the foot of the mountains, beginners can try their hand - the local slopes are gentle and completely safe even for inexperienced athletes..
For fans of rushing down the slope with the breeze and performing some difficult somersaults on the board, we recommend three Breckenridge snowparks. Each of them has its own combination of figures and trumpets, and three local halfpipes will give athletes and gurus the opportunity to show their strength in performing aerobatics and intermediate figures.
The ski school in the resort is especially famous. Its main difference from others is that the local coaches patiently help to master the ski and snowboard equipment not only for young people, but also for elderly tourists. They put even retirees on the board and skis, for whom, at the end of the class, the choice of what to do in winter is no longer worth it..

Mammoth Resort in California

The Mammoth Ski Area is located in the rocky mountains of the Sierra Nevada, California. The season here opens earlier than at all other resorts in the country, and comfortable skiing continues until mid-summer. Elevation changes occur over 900 meters, with the highest descent starting at over 3300 meters.
One and a half hundred pistes in the resort are designed for the needs of beginners and intermediate skiers and boarders, and for aces. The resort is of particular interest to board travelers due to seven well-equipped snow parks. Here you can perfect jumps and somersaults and hone the technique of especially difficult pirouettes on three half-pipes.
37 modern lifts are delivered to the starting points of the athletes, and ski schools will help to master the complex technique and simply learn to stand on the slope of the mountain for everyone..

Salt Lake City Resort in Utah

The most popular ski resort not only in Utah, but throughout the country is located in the Wasatch Mountains. The slopes here are equipped for snowboarding and alpine skiing in accordance with the highest international standards. The resort is located just a few miles from the city and can be reached in less than half an hour.
to the famous Olympic slopes Snowbird and Brighton.
Salt Lake City pistes are great for the most experienced and intermediate skiers. But the doors are not always open for boarders here - in the ALTA ski area, only skiers are allowed to receive adrenaline..
This does not prevent all guests of the resort, without exception, to enjoy natural and architectural sights, wander through museums and participate in shopping, which is unmatched by the ski resorts of other world powers..

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