Rest in Alushta - photo. Summer vacation in Alushta 2015

Rest in Alushta

Rest in Alushta

Rest in Alushta is chosen by young people who are thirsty for entertainment, couples with children, pensioners: at their service there are boarding houses and sanatoriums with treatment, a cheap private sector, a developed trade and entertainment infrastructure.

The main types of recreation in Alushta

  • Sightseeing: going on an excursion tour, you will see the Kutuzov fountain, the palace of Princess Gagarina, the Aluston fortress, the temple of All Crimean Saints and Fyodor Stratilat, visit the park “Crimea in miniature”, Valley of ghosts, admire the waterfalls Dzhur-Dzhur and Geyser, take a trip to the Red and Marble caves.
  • Active: you can go hiking in the Crimean lands, on a jeep safari, horseback riding, climb mountains, dive and explore caves, have fun in the water park “Almond grove”.
  • Beach: you can relax on a pebble beach “Tender coast” - it has showers, retail outlets, cafes, attractions, rental points. And in the evening you can come here for a disco and other entertainment events. Those who are interested in beaches with a sandy bottom and a small-pebble shore mixed with sand should go to the beaches of the Professor's Corner - here you can buy resort goods, relax under sun canopies, frolic on water attractions, and do a massage.
  • Wellness: climatotherapy is used for treatment and recovery (the resort is a natural inhaler with its firs, cedars, cypresses, yews), mineral waters of the Savlukh-Su spring, Saki mud, aerophytotherapy (for example, sea salt and essential oils of local essential oil are used for aroma baths) the plant “Alushta”).
  • Event-driven: by combining several types of recreation in one trip, you can visit the Festival of Arts “Dawns of Alushty” (end of May), Beer Festival (June), Children's Choreographic Festival “AlushtaFest” (September), International Honey Festival “Crimean meetings” (September), Wine Festival “Grape seasons” (end of September).

Prices for tours to Alushta

The most favorable time to travel to Alushta is June-September. Prices for tours to Alushta reach their maximum in July-August - they jump by 40-50%. You can save money by going here at the beginning of autumn and in the low season, which lasts from the end of October to April (at this time, vouchers are sold at affordable prices).

On a note!

On vacation in Alushta, you will need a hat, light clothing, comfortable shoes, flip flops, bathing accessories and sun protection (when packing, put these things in a suitcase).

If you want to save on housing, stay not in a hotel, but rent a house or apartment from local residents (note that housing prices vary depending on the season, living conditions and proximity to the sea).

From Alushta you can bring decorative plates, wood products, a set of aromatic oils, jewelry made of stones and minerals, smoking pipes.

Photos of rest in Alushta

  • Rest in Alushta
  • Rest in Alushta
  • Rest in Alushta