Entertainment in Simferopol - photo. Amusement parks in Simferopol.

Things to do in Simferopol

Things to do in Simferopol

Entertainment in Simferopol is children's entertainment centers, parks and squares, game cafes, theaters and museums, amusement parks.

Amusement parks in Simferopol

  • “Meganom”: in this entertainment complex you can spend time at the climbing wall, ride rides designed for all age groups, play laser games, visit the 3D museum, the city of craftsmen and the school of local history.
  • Children's park: this amusement park has various attractions, a zoo (vultures, wolves, camels, lions live here), an art studio, “Glade of fairy tales”, rollerdrome, alley “Child heroes”, aquarium, Youth Astronomical Observatory.

What entertainment in Simferopol?

Do you like to play laser tag and paintball? Visit the Crimean paintball club: here conditions for playing in the fresh air will be organized for you.

If you are one of those who prefer unusual entertainment, then “Quest room” (quest in reality) - that's what you need: you will be locked in a room and given 1 hour to get out of it with the help of collected clues and keys, as well as solved riddles.

A trip to the safari park can be just as interesting. “Taigan” - Here you can watch the lions from the bridges (in addition to lions, there are other animals here - Himalayan bears, antelopes, deer that live in enclosures). It is worth noting that, if desired, adults can move around the park in electric cars, and children - on a multi-colored train..

An excursion to a winery can be a gastronomic entertainment “Dionysus” - there you will walk through the famous cellars and visit the tasting room.

If you like dancing until dawn, take a look at nightclubs such as “Brooklyn”, “Alcatraz”, “Rich”.

Entertainment for children in Simferopol

The Simferopol Zoo will be interesting for all children, regardless of age, because here they will be able to observe various animals (about 300 species), for example, peacocks, Australian ostriches and monkeys.

Do you want to give yourself and your child an unforgettable experience? Be sure to go to the Denisov Ostrich Farm - they will organize fishing and a tour of the farm for you, they will offer to go on horseback riding (if you wish, you can get training) or a ride on donkeys. In addition, there is a special playground for kids, where they are entertained with animation programs..

Your kid can have fun in the playroom “Tili Mili Tryamdia” (SEC “FM”): he will be able to build a castle from soft multi-colored modules, play in a large interactive kitchen, watch cartoons, ride a slide, go to a children's play store ... In addition, children here can have fun in a play labyrinth - climb a tunnel, jump on a trampoline and a bungee ...

Being a popular family resort, Simferopol offers its guests an exciting and varied vacation..


  • Things to do in Simferopol
  • Things to do in Simferopol
  • Things to do in Simferopol