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Diving in Crimea

Diving in Crimea

Diving in Crimea is especially good in September. Of course, there are far from the coral reefs of the Maldives or New Zealand, but the Black Sea is fraught with many surprises in its depths..

Balaklava - Cape Aya

It is here that the so-called Alley of Anchors is located. Here, at a relatively shallow depth (only 15 meters), you can see a full-fledged collection of anchors belonging to ships of different eras. In total, there are 18 unique specimens, and this very unusual underwater museum is located not far from the Tarkhankut lighthouse.

The Catherine's grotto, the depth of which does not exceed 9 meters, has a rocky bottom. At the very end of the cave, where the rocks practically close, there is a fresh spring. It is here that you can observe a unique phenomenon live - a halocline. This is the name of the process of mixing salt and fresh water..

Sevastopol - Cape Chersonesos

The most interesting place for diving is located near the Chersonesos lighthouse. But you should be extremely careful, since the currents here are rather uneven. This factor was decisive in the formation of local «fish» population: flounder, flocks of slabs scurrying back and forth, greenfinches and stingrays feels just great here. The maximum allowable depth for diving is 50 meters.

Quarantine bay was once the location of the ancient Khersones port. The depths here barely reach 12 meters, but, nevertheless, this is a very interesting place. Here, on a muddy bottom, where sand, stones and algae are mixed together, unique fragments of antique ceramics, whose age is counted for more than one century, are still found..

Cove "Omega” - just a paradise for beginners in the art of diving. At the very exit from the bay there is an excellent dive site. The depths here do not exceed 15 meters, which, combined with excellent visibility, attracts many recruits of the diving school here..

Green Bay became the last haven for ancient pirate galleys and just ships that were shipwrecked. The local diving can be attributed to the category of historical, since when diving you can not only touch, albeit silted, but still «alive» history, but find fragments of antique dishes. By the way, diving must be coordinated in advance, because Green Bay is considered an archaeological value and is under state protection..

Rogue Cove is perfect for everyone, no matter if you are a beginner or already a diving guru. Here you will be greeted by an underwater lake and numerous caves connected by grottoes. During the dive, local residents will act as escorts. The fish here are not at all afraid of people and are happy to take food directly from their hands..


  • Diving in Crimea
  • Diving in Crimea
  • Diving in Crimea