Airport in Pavlodar: scheme, photo. How to get to Pavlodar airport

Airport in Pavlodar

International airport in Pavlodar serves regular domestic flights operated by companies «EuroAsiaAir»,  «Siberia», «Air Astana», as well as charter flights and special flights. The runway of the airline is 2.5 kilometers long, classified as 68 / F / C / X /, reinforced with asphalt concrete, and is capable of accommodating aircraft of any type with a takeoff weight of up to 170 tons, including the Boeing 757 and Bombardier CRJ 100/200 turbojets.
The airline is temporarily working in a partial load mode. Two days a week, Monday and Tuesday, the air harbor operates from 07.00 to 17.00 hours. Wednesday and Friday from 07.00 to 14.30. Thursday - from 03.00 to 14.30 hours. Saturday and Sunday from 07.00 to 10.30.


The airport in Pavlodar was created in 1949. In 2009, the airport underwent a large-scale reconstruction and technical re-equipment. As a result, the runway was expanded and extended, the lighting system and the airport electrical supply system were modernized..
At the moment, in addition to domestic passenger traffic, there are regular flights from the airport to Antalya, Germany, Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of the planet..

Service and services

The airport in Pavlodar offers a standard range of passenger services. There is a room for mothers and children, a medical center, a post office. Provided visual and voice information about the movement of flights, a referral service and a ticket office are working.
There are waiting rooms and a hotel for relaxation. There is a parking lot at the station square. Round-the-clock airport security is provided.
Passengers with disabilities are provided with a meeting, escort by a medical worker, and, if necessary, a special car.


There is a regular movement of buses from the airport to the city of Pavlodar, the schedule of which is tied to the timetable for the movement of aircraft. You can also use the services of local taxis.

Photos of Pavlodar airport