The best restaurants in Almaty - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Almaty

Almaty - now this city is poetically called the Southern capital of Kazakhstan. The official title of the country's main city was given to Astana. But the most beautiful architecture, monuments of history and ancient culture have not disappeared anywhere. Therefore, there are still many tourists in the city who are interested not only in the past, but also in the present day. How does a modern resident of Almaty live, where he has fun, what restaurants he prefers?

Almost in Italy

Many visitors, having entered the Grand Opera restaurant, at first forget that they are in the very heart of Asia. Many people get the impression that they are in the center of Europe, in one of the pretentious restaurants with long traditions and their own history. It is not only a restaurant, but also a hotel. If suddenly a guest takes a walk and does not want to go home, he may well find a room to his liking. The cuisine combines West and East, even exotic Japanese dishes can be found on the menu.

This restaurant has a separate room for dancers, a karaoke room, a terrace, where it is very good to relax on a hot summer day. The coffee shop attracts special attention of visitors; it serves aromatic strong coffee brewed in the best traditions of the East..

Restaurant for cool people

Abbreviated name of this establishment «ZhZL» stands for «Life of wonderful people». A sense of humor did not disappoint those who gave such a name to the restaurant. Now there is no end to visitors who really feel welcome, loved, dear guests here..

This restaurant has many options for accommodating visitors:

  • choose a table in the hall;
  • go to the summer terrace;
  • hide from prying eyes on the veranda;
  • take a seat on the balcony with gorgeous panoramic views.

Eastern tale

A restaurant «Alasha» resembles oriental palaces with their richest decor and secrets. Here you can find huge banquet halls and secluded khan's pavilions, a room for a hookah and ayvan, a room closed only on three sides. But this is not what attracts numerous guests to the restaurant, but hospitality, endless respect for each guest and truly oriental generosity. The menu includes lamb shashlik, delicious pilaf, traditional Kazakh flatbread.

For dessert, of course, will be served fresh fruits and berries, which are so rich in Kazakhstan, and famous oriental delicacies. In such a place, real life seems like a beautiful fairy tale, where there is a place for delicious food, birdsong, the murmur of a mountain stream and a bewitching dance..