North of Kazakhstan - cities and resorts of the north of Kazakhstan

North of Kazakhstan

Astana, Pavlodar, Kustanai district are located in northern Kazakhstan. This region stretches for 1,300 km from west to east, and about 900 km from north to south. The north of Kazakhstan is located south of the West Siberian Lowland, in the place where the basins of the Tobol, Esil and Obagan rivers were formed. The region under consideration includes the following regions: Pavlodar, North Kazakhstan, Kostanay and Akmola. In the north, the region is bordered by Russia.

Natural virtues

The north of Kazakhstan is known for its medicinal waters, which are rich in trace elements and mineral salts. There are mud resorts located near the Maybalyk and Moyildy lakes. The northern part of the country is located in the zone of influence of a sharply continental climate, which determines the characteristics of weather conditions: low air temperatures in winter and mild summers. In winter, the maximum temperature reaches -45 degrees. Winter in Kazakhstan is cold and with little snow. In summer in the north, the average air temperature is +20 degrees. There are not so many sunny days in the summer, as there are frequent rains here. Spring comes at the end of March in the north of Kazakhstan. The steppe at this time of the year looks especially picturesque: tulips and irises bloom on the endless plains.
The northern region of Kazakhstan has mostly flat terrain. Steppe expanses alternate with forest islets, mountains and blue lakes. The landscapes in this area are simply unique. Birch forests are combined with conifers. On the territory of the reserve «Burabay» there are mountain ranges, lakes, forests. In the nature reserve «Coraljin» you can see a rich flora and fauna. Near the Kokshetau mountains, there is an extensive recreation area, where there is a resort complex, reserves and a sanatorium. The water system is represented by lakes, rivers, reservoirs. The largest rivers: Nura, Ishim, Kulanotpes, Silet.

Main cities of the northern region

The capital of the republic is Astana. It is a major commercial, cultural, diplomatic and industrial center of the country. In the distant past, this city was a fortress, which was founded on the banks of the Ishim River by Russian-Kazakh troops. Currently, Astana has a large number of business, shopping and entertainment centers, administrative buildings, cinemas. On the territory of the city there is an open-air ethnographic park-museum «Map of Kazakhstan-Atameken». Another famous northern city of the country is Petropavlovsk, located on the banks of the Ishim River. This settlement is surrounded by beautiful landscapes. There are forests, mountain ranges, lakes, etc. A popular tourist destination is Bayan-Aul, where the Bayanaul Natural Park is located.