Where to eat in Amsterdam - inexpensive and tasty

Where to eat in Amsterdam?


Where to eat in Amsterdam?

Not sure where to eat in Amsterdam? More than 300 cafes, restaurants (French, Italian, Asian, Greek) and eateries are open in the city.
In Amsterdam you can taste traditional Dutch food - cheese, herring, local fries with sauce, pea meat soups.

Where to eat in Amsterdam inexpensively?

You can eat inexpensively in a student canteen, for example, Mensa Atrium University Restaurant. Here you will pay about 5-6 euros for soup, main course and fruit yogurt. You can dine on a budget at Eatcafe Pakhuis - in this establishment for 7 euros you can try the “dish of the day” (for example, steak, salad, french fries).
If you are not against street food, then you should take a closer look at the numerous kebabs: for 5-6 euros you will be served a huge plate on which will lie meat, vegetables and fries. So, it is worth visiting Leeman Doner (Pijp district). In addition to kebab, you can taste Turkish pizza, costing 2-3 euros..

Where to eat in Amsterdam is delicious?

  • Greenwoods: this English cafe offers its guests to feast on omelet with feta and cherozo cheese, mushroom soup, carrot cake, cinnamon ice cream (this establishment also has a vegetarian menu).
  • Gartine: This cafe is open for breakfast and lunch. For breakfast you can order a shrimp sandwich and yoghurt with mascarpone, and for lunch - soup, salad, lemon meringue pie.
  • RED Amsterdam: This restaurant serves culinary delights from different cuisines of the world. So, here you will be able to enjoy steaks, lobster, lemon pie, chocolate dessert with blue cheese, sweet wine (on average, a dessert here costs 8 euros, a portion of lobster - 24 euros).
  • Vermeer: ​​this place will appeal to lovers of meat, fish, seafood-based dishes (it is advisable to book a table in advance).
  • Koh-i-Noor: Fast service, great food and reasonable prices await you at this Indian restaurant. Here you should try masala shrimp and chicken in coconut sauce.

Food excursions in Amsterdam

If you decide to take a gastronomic cruise through the canals of Amsterdam, you will have an exciting journey, during which a private boat will stop at the best restaurants in the city (in each of them you can taste delicious, authentic dishes). If you wish, you can attend workshops on making cheese or smoking eel. And on a walk around Amsterdam, an accompanying guide will take you to the Bols Museum - here, in addition to tasting gins, you will be offered to taste Bols liqueurs with various flavors (if you wish, the bartenders will teach you how to make some cocktails by giving you a master class).
Almost in any institution in Amsterdam, you will be fed delicious and hearty food, so where to go to satisfy your hunger - to a diner or an elite restaurant, you decide.


  • Where to eat in Amsterdam?
  • Where to eat in Amsterdam?
  • Where to eat in Amsterdam?