Population of New Zealand. Population in New Zealand: features, density, composition

Population of New Zealand

Population of New Zealand

New Zealand has a population of over 4.5 million.

National composition:

  • New Zealanders (Anglo-Zealanders);
  • other peoples (Maori, Polynesians, Scots, Irish, Chinese, Indians, Dutch).

11 people live per 1 sq. Km, but the most populated are coastal, flat and hilly regions, and the mountainous regions of New Zealand are sparsely populated. More than half of the local residents (69%) inhabit the Northern (population density - 20 people per 1 sq. Km), and the rest (31%) - the South Island (population density - less than 6 people per 1 sq. Km).

Official languages ​​- English and Maori.

Major cities: Wellington, Wellington, Auckland, Christchurch, Dunedin, Lower Hutt.

New Zealanders are Catholic, Anglican, Presbyterian, Baptist.

Life span

On average, New Zealanders live up to 80 years (men tend to live 4 years less than women).

The state allocates more than $ 3500 for health care per year for 1 person.

High life expectancy is due to the improvement in living conditions in New Zealand, thanks to the measures taken to improve public health and medical advances.

As for the residents themselves, the number of smokers has significantly decreased among them, which has a beneficial effect on overall health. But the level of obesity among the adult population is quite high - 27%.

Traditions and customs of New Zealanders

New Zealanders are friendly and welcoming people: they greet on the street even with strangers, and answer tourists' questions in detail and, if necessary, take them to the desired place..

New Zealanders are fond of equestrian sports, athletics, water sports (swimming, sailing, rowing).

The most important thing for a New Zealander is family (they are ready to talk about it endlessly), so they take marriage very seriously: they are sure that marriage should be concluded once for a lifetime.

New Zealand is attractive for its wedding traditions: wedding ceremonies here are accompanied not only by the exchange of rings, but also by the ancient rite - it is customary for newlyweds to wear them around their necks. “endless” a loop, the symbol of which is the eternal bond between two people in love.

Going to New Zealand?

  • do not litter the streets, especially in parks and sidewalks;
  • do not smoke or drink alcohol in public places;
  • you can buy spirits only in specialized stores (you can come to some restaurants with your own alcohol - this will be indicated by the BYO sign);
  • before taking photographs in local churches or museums, it is advisable to ask permission.


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