South Korea airports - list of South Korea international airports

Airports in South Korea

Airports in South Korea

Aeroflot and Korean Air, which operate direct flights from Moscow every day, will help to get from Russia to the airport of South Korea. You will have to spend a little over 9 hours in the sky. In Seoul, you can find yourself on the wings of the vast majority of European and Middle Eastern airlines with connections. In this case, you will have to lay 6-8 hours more on the road..

South Korea International Airports

The right to receive aircraft from abroad in South Korea is granted to several air harbors:

  • The capital airport is located 70 km west of the city and is connected with it by bus and rail. Details of the schedule and operation of the facility on the website -
  • The Cheongju air gate in the center of the country is open to Asiana Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Jin Air and Jeju Air, which operate scheduled flights to Seoul from Beijing, Jeju, Shanghai and Hangzhou. Important information can be found on the website -
  • Daegu Airport has a similar schedule. Transfer to the city is possible by high-speed train.
  • The second largest passenger turnover is Jeju Airport. The city where the airport is located is located on an island off the south coast of Korea. The air harbor serves more than 23 million people annually and receives dozens of flights every day from China, Japan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. It is easy to get acquainted with the possibilities of the air port on the website -, where there is an English version.

Metropolitan direction

Incheon Airport in Seoul is one of the largest and busiest in the world. It has been awarded the title of the best on the planet several times, especially in terms of environmental friendliness and cleanliness..
In addition to the typical range of services expected by international airport standards, Incheon offers its passengers a golf course, ice rink, casino, cultural museum and conservatories. The duty-free shopping center of the South Korea airport has been repeatedly recognized as the best in the world, and errors in baggage registration here make up only 0.0001% of the total volume. Incheon receives and dispatches over 40 million passengers annually.

Transfer and directions

At the airport in South Korea, they regularly land:

  • AirAsia aircraft from Kuala Lumpur.
  • Air Astana from Almaty and Astana.
  • Air Canada connects Seoul with Vancouver and Air China with Beijing.
  • Air India helps fly to Delhi.
  • American Airlines will start in Dallas, and Aeroflot will start in Moscow.
  • Europeans are represented by British, Finnish, Dutch, German airlines, and S7 carries out passenger transportation to Vladivostok and Novosibirsk.

A convenient and cheap transfer to the city is offered every half hour by the AREX high-speed railway. The station is located next to the main terminal. Travel time is 43 minutes.
White or yellow taxis are the cheapest, black ones are deluxe and can cost twice as much..


  • Airports in South Korea
  • Airports in South Korea
  • Airports in South Korea