Holidays in Sri Lanka in November: prices and weather. Where to relax in Sri Lanka in November

Holidays in Sri Lanka in November

Holidays in Sri Lanka in November

Fabulous Sri Lanka has won the hearts of thousands of tourists who have visited here and are eager to get here again. One of the most popular resorts in the world all year round offers its guests a high level of service against the backdrop of heavenly azure-golden landscapes.

Autumn Sri Lanka

According to tourists' reviews, November cannot be considered an ideal time for an exotic vacation. The weather in November is not very stable. Precipitation falls periodically in the form of rains, although the temperature is kept at a fairly high level. Most often, intermittent rains begin in the afternoon. Those wishing to sunbathe will have to wait for December. But swimming in the sea in November is quite possible. The average water temperature is at least 26 degrees Celsius. Humidity is high almost all year round.

Best place to stay

The famous Ayurveda, a religious and medical doctrine, is actively practiced on the island to this day. It helps restore health and vitality. The local flora and fauna appear before the eyes of guests in the form of a gorgeous reserve. Where, no matter how here, you can admire beautiful pink flamingos, majestic and graceful peacocks and get acquainted with a variety of wild cats, see crocodiles and monkeys.

To spend time in November actively and usefully will help:

  • various active sports in the form of aquabike, parasailing, horse riding;
  • top-level golf courses;
  • numerous nightclubs, discos and non-stop bars.

Entertainment programs

A very unusual and exotic entertainment is offered to tourists visiting the island in early November. During this period, the famous boat safari begins, during which tourists travel by boat along the river, admiring the beautiful mango thickets. Another popular place is the Hikkaduwa Nature Reserve. Through the purest local waters you can see the rich aquatic world with its colorful coral reefs.

The city landscapes of Arunadhapur, with its carved columns, Buddha monument and other sights, will help you to plunge into the historical atmosphere. Various precious stones are mined on the island. The extracted jewelry is processed, and beautiful jewelry is made from them, which can be purchased here. All mines and factories are concentrated in Ratnapura. By the way, prices for jewelry here are several times lower than world prices, so tourists often buy them even as souvenirs..

Photos of rest in Sri Lanka

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