The population of Syria. Population in Syria: features, density, composition

Syrian population

Syrian population

The population of Syria is more than 21 million people (population density - 120 people per 1 sq. Km).

National composition:

  • Arabs (90%);
  • other peoples (Kurds, Armenians, Turks, Assyrians, Circassians).

Kurds mainly inhabit mountainous areas to the northeast and east of Aleppo, Latakia and Al-Hasaki, Armenians - Aleppo and Damascus, Assyrians - El-Jaziru and areas in the Khabura river valley, Turks and Turkmens - Latakia, Circassians - Deryu and Aleppo.

The state language is Arabic. In addition, Kurdish, Armenian and English are widely spoken..

Major cities: Aleppo, Aleppo, Latakia, Hama, Homs, Qamishli, Deir ez-Zor, Essaweida.

Most of the residents of Syria (85%) profess Islam (Sunnism, Shiism), the rest - Zoroastrianism, Catholicism, Protestantism.

Life span

The female population lives on average up to 70, and the male population - up to 67 years..

Syrian health care is at a fairly high level: hospitals are open here, which are equipped with modern equipment. In addition, highly qualified doctors work in them (the medical staff of the clinics speaks English, French and even Russian).

When going on a trip to Syria, you should worry about health insurance (issue an international document). And it is also worth getting vaccinated against poliomyelitis, tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis (if you plan your trip in May-October, it does not fit to get vaccinated against malaria).

Traditions and customs of the people of Syria

Syrians are cheerful and benevolent people: visitors to Syria may even think that a good mood is an end in itself for local residents (despite adversity, they strive for spiritual comfort). It even comes to the point that local merchants can give a buyer who does not have money with him, the goods just like that, saying that they can wait (the buyer will be able to bring money when it is convenient for him).

Weddings in Syria are held according to ancient oriental traditions: numerous relatives, friends, neighbors and acquaintances are invited to the celebration. Weddings are accompanied by noisy fun and a lavish festive feast. It is also interesting that it is customary to give gifts to newlyweds here 5-7 days after the wedding..

When visiting Syria, it is advisable not to violate the rules of conduct established here:

  • try to avoid places where a large number of people gather, especially when the Syrians are organizing mass protests;
  • you should not smoke, including hookah, in public places (for violation of the prohibition, a fine will be imposed);
  • alcoholic beverages can only be consumed in specially designated places and in your room;
  • when visiting residential buildings and mosques, you should take off your shoes;
  • You should not take pictures of government agencies, military facilities, mosques (their interior decoration) and local women;
  • if a Syrian invites you to visit, do not refuse the invitation (this may be perceived as an insult).


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