Dushanbe districts - name, description, photos of Dushanbe districts, where to stay for a tourist

Districts of Dushanbe

Districts of Dushanbe

The districts of Dushanbe are reflected on the map of the capital of Tajikistan, and bear the following names - Sino, Ismoili Somoni, Shokhmansur and Firdavsi (each of them has its own administration in the form of a regional khukumat).

Description of the main districts of Dushanbe

  • Sino: guests can spend time in the city park “Gods Poytakht” - they will be entertained here with concerts, fountain shows, attractions “Jupiter”, “Pirate ship”, “Roller coaster”.
  • Shokhmansur: famous for the park of the same name (for guests there are recreation corners, walking alleys and paths, playgrounds and a children's railway line, as well as a club building and catering points) and a market (tourists will be able to get nuts, fruits, rolls of fabric, national costumes decorated with Tajik patterns, spices in the form of cardamom, pepper, cloves).
  • Firdavsi (central region): popular with guests of the Tajik capital thanks to the Mayakovsky Russian Drama Theater (today the theater's repertoire includes about 400 works of world classical and modern drama), the Lakhuti Tajik Drama Theater (the repertoire includes both world classical plays and works of national drama - guests can attend performances “Oedipus”, “Ismoili Somoni” and others), the Victory Monument (the height of 2 marble steles is 25 m; it is worth taking some photographs against the background of this monument), a teahouse “Rohat” (you can not only enjoy Tajik dishes and fragrant green tea, but also admire the painted walls and ceiling).

Dushanbe landmarks

Tourists will be invited to visit the Museum of Antiquities of Tajikistan (guests will be shown a statue “Buddha in Nirvana”, as well as wall paintings and products of the Hellenistic era; it is worth considering that the museum is closed on Mondays), visit the Presidential Palace, surrounded by fountains and flower arrangements, go to Rudaki Park (there are places for outdoor games, fountains, beautifully illuminated in the evening, and attractions; you can wander along the alleys or arrange a picnic), to Komsomolskoye Lake (in addition to relaxing on the lake itself, you can visit the sports complex located near it), to the Gissar fortress (a gate with cylindrical towers and an arch between them have survived to this day).

Where to stay for tourists

It is worth considering that many hotels were built during the Soviet era, which affects the exterior and interior decoration. In addition, some of them cannot boast of 24-hour hot water supply (rooms in them cost less than $ 50 / day).

In the center of Dushanbe, tourists will be able to find high-class accommodation facilities that correspond to 4 * and 5 * - they are comfortable, spacious, there is the necessary modern equipment and furniture + guests are given the opportunity to use the swimming pools, saunas, gyms located on their territory: the cost of living in them will cost $ 100-250 / day (pay attention to “Asia Grand Hotel”, “Taj Palace Hotel” and other hotels).

Photos of Dushanbe districts

  • Districts of Dushanbe
  • Districts of Dushanbe
  • Districts of Dushanbe