Taxi in Dushanbe - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Dushanbe

Taxi in Dushanbe

Taxi in Dushanbe

Licensed taxis in Dushanbe - cars with yellow license plates, ready to take their customers anywhere at any time of the day or night.

Taxi services in Dushanbe

You can stop a free car on the street by raising your hand, or you can place an order for a car by contacting one of the taxi companies:

  • “CityTaxi” (in the taxi fleet there are both sedans and business class cars with personal drivers, as well as buses): + 992 90 400 44 44;
  • “Hello Taxi” (famous for its drivers who know the city perfectly, who regularly undergo pre-trip examination in medical offices): + 992 37 233 33 33;
  • “Shitobin”: + 992 48 701 95 95;
  • “AsianExpress”: 16 16.

Girls can use the services of a special female taxi (this service is provided by “Asian express”). They are very easy to distinguish from ordinary taxis - the driver in such a taxi is a woman, and the car itself is decorated with flowers and butterflies..

Advice: in order for the taxi driver to understand where you need to be taken, you should write the address and name of the place you need on paper in Tajik. If you decide to name your destination along the street, then it is better not to do this, since drivers are guided not by the name of the streets, but by significant monuments or buildings (Rudaki monument, Opera House).

Important: you should not resort to the services of illegal cabs (they often become participants in an accident, since illegal drivers are reckless and do not have the necessary driving experience) - the driver must have a license. Another “minus” the use of private taxis - they are not equipped with meters, and drivers arbitrarily set fares, which often turn out to be higher than those in official taxis.

Taxi cost in Dushanbe

“How much does a taxi cost in Dushanbe?” - a question of interest to all vacationers in the capital of Tajikistan. To navigate the prices, you should look at the tariffs in force in local taxis:

  • 1 km of the way costs 2-3 somoni;
  • the cost of a trip for a night fare is on average 40% more expensive than for a day.

So, for a trip around the city you will pay 5-8 somoni, and from the airport to the city center - 10-15 somoni. When traveling outside the city, the fare will be calculated according to the following scheme: when moving up to 50 km, 1 km of the track will be charged at a price of $ 2, and a trip to a distance of 51-100 km will cost you $ 1.50 / 1 km. To avoid misunderstandings, the driver should inquire in advance about the price for travel to your desired destination..

If you wish, you can rent a car with a driver - this service costs about $ 60/8 hours.

If you are one of those who are used to relying on convenience, comfort and quality, you should use the services of a local taxi to get around the city..

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