Holidays in Tajikistan are traditions. National holidays of Tajikistan

Holidays in Tajikistan

Holidays in Tajikistan

Tajikistan is attracting more and more tourists. There are many reasons for this: ancient sights, magnificent nature, thermal springs and, of course, delicious cuisine. You do not need a visa to enter the country, so numerous holidays in Tajikistan are waiting for you!

Snowdrop Festival

Spring for the inhabitants of the country comes along with a bunch of lilac snowdrops, which announce the real end of winter. And this moment has always been a reason for a grand celebration for Tajiks. Of course, only nimble boys can find the first flower. Children give this first spring miracle to mothers, sisters, neighbors - all women in their village. The snowdrop is a symbol of youth and beauty. It is customary to treat children with various sweets and fruits on this day..

For the holiday of snowdrops, pilaf is certainly prepared, to which all relatives and friends are invited.

Tulip festival «Sairee lola»

Snowdrops are fading, and the mountain slopes are again decorated with flowers. But now it is a huge variety of tulips. Nature paints a carpet of emerald-colored grass in different colors. At this time, you can admire the pink, yellow and red buds. The spectacle is so impressive that for the inhabitants of the country it became the reason for another holiday.

In time, tulips bloom during the first harvest. And this means only one thing - the table will simply burst with various goodies..

In the center of the table there is a huge dish of pilaf - the most favorite food. You will certainly be treated to fragrant samsa with first herbs and homemade cakes. The end of the holiday is competition in «gushtungiri» - a national sport somewhat reminiscent of sambo.

Feast of Sacrifice «Go courbon»

The most revered Muslim holiday. It is celebrated at the end of a strict fast, which falls on the holy month of the Muslim world, Ramadan. You can read about the origins of the holiday in the holy book of all Muslims - the Koran. Legend says that Allah did not allow the child to be sacrificed, replacing him on the sacrificial altar with a ram. This is how the custom of performing the sacrifice appeared, symbolizing the mercy of the Almighty..

On this day, everyone dresses in the most beautiful clothes. It becomes indispensable to visit a mosque, as well as a sacrifice in the form of a lamb or a calf. Some of the meat is necessarily given to the poor, some to close relatives. The remaining meat is used to prepare a festive table, since it is customary to visit and receive friends on this day..


  • Holidays in Tajikistan
  • Holidays in Tajikistan
  • Holidays in Tajikistan