Capital of Liberia: map, photo. What is the capital city in Liberia?

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia

Monrovia is the capital of Liberia

If the main city of the state is located on the seashore and is a large port city, this undoubtedly adds points to it in the eyes of potential tourists, since the list of offers for guests is much wider. The capital of Liberia, beautiful Monrovia, knows this firsthand.

Most of the city's neighborhoods are located in the bay of the St. Paul River, a bay created by hardworking local people. On the other hand, Monrovia is a fairly large port city on the Atlantic coast with a population exceeding one million..

Greetings from Portugal

The history of the capital of Liberia goes back more than one century: historians claim that people lived here already in the middle of the 16th century. No one knows what name the locals gave to the city, but the Portuguese sailors called it the port of Mesurado..

The beginning of the 19th century is characterized by the liberation of blacks from centuries of slavery. Many of them did not return to their native places, but settled in the territories in which they were planted. So, on the Liberian lands there were blacks who were already considered American settlers. The former slaves had a hard time, since the aborigines did not want to share territories with the newcomers. Therefore, part of the black Americans moved to the port of Mezuradu, where they founded the settlement of Christopolis..

Already in 1824 the city received a new name - Monrovia, it was a tribute to the American President James Monroe, whose policy was to return blacks to their homeland. This is the second time in history that the city received the name of the President of the United States (the first is Washington).

Cultural landmarks of Monrovia

The capital of Liberia for tourists is a city with a low attractiveness, because for a long time there was an unstable political situation here. On the other hand, in this capital you can find your own unique cultural gems, for example, architectural ones:

  • Temple of the Freemasons;
  • Samuel Doe Canyon Sports Complex;
  • National Museum of the Republic of Liberia.

The highlight of this African city, which has a capital status, is the presence of an excellent golf club with courses of different levels of difficulty, attracting athletes from all over the world..

But the most vivid impressions and beautiful photos are left by a trip to the world of wild nature. Excursion and tourist routes may include waterfalls with an interesting name - Kpa-Tave, a trip to the picturesque Lake Piso, a visit to rubber plantations.


  • Monrovia is the capital of Liberia
  • Monrovia is the capital of Liberia
  • Monrovia is the capital of Liberia