Capital of Nicaragua: map, photo. What is the capital city in Nicaragua?

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua

Managua is the capital of Nicaragua

Between Honduras and Costa Rica, in the heart of Central America is the small state of Nicaragua. The largest city in the country and at the same time the capital is Managua. It is home to 1.8 million inhabitants. The capital of Nicaragua has very beautiful views, as it is located on the shore of the lake of the same name..

History of the city

Earlier, an Indian settlement was located on the site of the future capital. According to the chronicles, the Indians have lived here since the fifteenth century. Later, the Spanish colonialists came here, who began to develop the settlement and in 1855 the city became the capital of Nicaragua..

Due to its geographic location, the city is regularly exposed to the devastating blows of nature. In 1876, almost the entire city was flooded as a result of severe flooding. Three times in history - in 1885, 1931 and 1972, many buildings were destroyed as a result of terrible earthquakes. The big fire of 1936 became a real test for local residents..

In 1979, hostilities took place in the capital of Nicaragua. The conflict was attended by the troops of the local dictator Somoza and the liberation front of the SFNO. It all started with a strike throughout the state and after a while grew into an armed conflict. The SFNO troops retreated from the city several times and attacked again. A few weeks after the start of the conflict, the dictator fled to the United States of America..

In 2014, a meteorite fell near the city airport. After the fall, a large crater was left - with a diameter of 12 meters.


Despite all the difficulties associated with natural disasters, war and other troubles, the city boasts beautiful buildings and interesting sights. Among the main ones that tourists first of all study, it is worth noting the Mausoleum of Carlos Fonseca; New Cathedral of Managua; The National Palace; Financial institution.

Tourists who first come to the city notice an amazing feature of the city - the fact is that not a single street here has a name. It's the same with houses - they don't have numbers..

Managua is a very interesting city. It is worth visiting to try to understand the local culture.


  • Managua is the capital of Nicaragua
  • Managua is the capital of Nicaragua
  • Managua is the capital of Nicaragua