Coat of arms of Mozambique: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Mozambique

Coat of arms of Mozambique

The main emblem of Mozambique in its present form is reflected in Article 194 of the Constitution of the Republic of Mozambique. The very main law of this African state was approved in 1990 during the civil war. The coat of arms of Mozambique is very similar to the similar emblem of the People's Republic of Mozambique, which existed from 1975 to 1990. In the 70s of the twentieth century, the NRM gained independence from Portugal and adopted a new coat of arms, the style of which is slightly different from the modern.

Symbol of new life

The coat of arms of the Republic of Mozambique is composed of a number of symbols of great importance to the Mozambican people. Against the background of a yellow mechanical wheel, the rising red sun is depicted, rising above a high green mountain, towering among the calm waves of the sea surface. An open book is depicted in the background of the mountain itself, as well as a crossed hoe and a Kalashnikov assault rifle. This whole structure is framed by stalks of sugarcane and corn, placed on the sides of the mechanical wheel. The stems are intertwined in the lower part of the coat of arms and a ribbon runs along them, on which the name of the republic is written in Portuguese. At the top of the emblem is a five-pointed red star.

The symbolism of the main emblem of Mozambique is in line with African ideas about the struggle for independence and about peaceful life. Each symbol has its own meaning.

  • Reed and corn stalks have become a symbol of wealth.
  • The mechanical wheel symbolizes labor.
  • The hoe displays the power of farming.
  • The Kalashnikov assault rifle is an attribute of the struggle for independence, symbolizing vigilance.
  • The red star symbolizes the spirit of solidarity among the people of Mozambique.
  • The red sun is a symbol of the reviving renewed life.

Kalashnikov's question

The Kalashnikov assault rifle was depicted on the coat of arms of the People's Republic of Mozambique, then it was transferred to the new coat of arms. In recent years, many political leaders have demanded that the main emblem of the country be slightly corrected and this machine gun removed from it. The main motive in this case is the desire to make this coat of arms more modern, corresponding to the current state of affairs, since the Kalashnikov assault rifle refers to the reality of the struggle for independence. In 2005, the issue of changing the national emblem was brought to the parliamentary hall, however, the majority of the deputies then voted against the proposal to change the main emblem of the country..


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