Flag of Namibia: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of Namibia

Namibia flag

Namibia flag

The state symbol of the country, the flag of the Republic of Namibia first flew on flagpoles in March 1990 when it declared independence.

Description and proportions of the flag of Namibia

The rectangular flag of Namibia has a standard width to length ratio of 2: 3. The flag field is divided into two equal parts by a red stripe the width of which is equal to a quarter of the flag's width. The strip runs from left to right and from bottom to top from the bottom corner of the shaft to the top corner of the free edge. The upper left of the Namibian flag is dark blue and the lower right triangle is green. Thin white stripes separate the red part of the Namibian flag from these fields. The blue triangle of the flag of Namibia has a stylized image of a golden circular disc with twelve triangles, which symbolizes the sun.
The motif of the Namibian flag is also present on the country's coat of arms. The colors of the flag are the design of the heraldic shield supported on both sides of the oryx. These antelopes symbolize pride and courage among the Namibians. The shield of the coat of arms is crowned with an image of an eagle, and from below the antelope rest on a stylized image of the Namib Desert.
The flag of Namibia, according to the laws of the country, can be used by all government agencies and individuals on land and water. It is the official flag of both the army and the navy of the country..

History of the flag of Namibia

In 1878, Great Britain incorporated the territories of present-day Namibia into its Cape Colony and raised its own flag, which remained on flagpoles for several years. Almost in parallel, the German consul ordered to raise the military flag of his country over some territories, establishing a protectorate. In 1915, during the fighting, Great Britain pushed the Germans and the troops of the South African Union under her command occupied the country..
Later, homelands were created on the territory of modern Namibia - ethnic territories for the residence and development of local tribes. The flag of Homeland Hereroland, which was one of the first to appear, was in 1970 a three-color cloth, the horizontal stripes of which were arranged in the order of green, white, black. Homeland Cavango's flag field was bright green and divided horizontally into two equal parts by thin orange, white and blue stripes..
The proclamation of the independence of the state in 1990 made it possible to create a single flag of Namibia, which became an integral symbol of the country..

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