Flag of Saint Lucia: photo, history, meaning of the colors of the state flag of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia flag

Saint Lucia flag

State symbol, the flag of Saint Lucia was approved and first raised in February 2002.

Description and proportions of the flag of Saint Lucia

The flag of Saint Lucia has a classic rectangular shape, like most of the flags of independent countries on the political map of the world. Its length is exactly twice its width. By law, the flag of Saint Lucia can be flown for any purpose on land. The flag of Saint Lucia is allowed to be used by both individuals and government agencies of the country. On the water, the banner can be lifted by private ships and the merchant fleet of Saint Lucia.
The main color of the flag of Saint Lucia is light blue. On its general background, a triangular figure is drawn in the center of the rectangle. An isosceles triangle of black color has a white edging along its vertical sides. Its base serves as the base of the second yellow triangle, the apex of which is located in the middle of the height of the first.
The symbolism of the Saint Lucia flag is quite simple. The Blue Field is the Caribbean Sea where the island nation is located. The triangular shapes represent the two mountains on the island. These are the peaks of the Python massif, which are the hallmark of Saint Lucia. The yellow color on the flag of the state reminds of a sunny climate, and black and white colors - about the peaceful neighborhood of people of the Negroid and European races living in Saint Lucia.
The blue color of the Saint Lucia flag is repeated on its coat of arms. The emblem was adopted in its current form in 1979 and is a heraldic shield held by the blue-faced Amazons. This type of parrot is especially common on the islands, and the feathers on the head and back of the birds have the same soft blue hue of the main field of the flag of St. Lucia. The shield field is darker and repeats the color of the previous state symbol of the country.

History of the flag of Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia has long been an overseas colonial territory of Great Britain and used a blue cloth as the state flag. In its upper left quarter was the British flag, and on the right half - the coat of arms of the colony. In February 1979, the country gained independence and chose its own path of development.
It was then that the first version of the flag of Saint Lucia was released. It differed from the modern one very slightly. The color of its main field was of a slightly different shade - darker and more saturated. This flag of Saint Lucia lasted until 2002 and was changed to the current version..

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