Experiment - video and insta blogger for a month

There are many I was advised start Instragram and start a video blog. Well, I decided to try again, as there were already attempts with the video before. Only this time, I will be consistently posting several videos a week from my current trip. Fortunately, I am just now moving and visiting new places. What I will post later when I return to Moscow, I have no idea, but now is the best time to start. At least always during the trip, there are positive emotions, inspiration, new thoughts and a desire to change something in your life..


My Youtube Channel
My Instagram

With Instagram, in general, everything turned out to be quite simple. You can post a photo to it, and she herself will also post to a Facebook group. With VKontakte, such a thing does not work, but nothing, you can post it with pens. All the same, initially I poured it into two places, so everything remains the same in terms of time consumption.

But the video is more complicated. It takes more time to shoot and edit. Especially if you don't know what to shoot and you make too much unnecessary material. Therefore, I will most likely fall out of the text format a little, that is, here on the blog posts will continue to be published, only less often and they are unlikely to overlap with videos on the topic. I reasoned that on the blog, and so I mostly get informational posts about visiting attractions or how to get somewhere, but about the current state of affairs, about emotions, thoughts, about what is happening in life now, hands do not reach to write. In the video, such sketches are, in theory, easier to do..

The only moment, I'm not at all sure that it will be interesting to someone, because beautiful travel videos, when shooting is carried out from several cameras and according to a previously prepared plot, and then several hours of video material turn into a couple of minutes of a beautiful video, definitely not mine option. Rather, it is about small sketches, and not necessarily related to travel. If it goes - well, no - I'll go back to the text format and think further. I don’t want to deal with the SEO and promotion of the channel, I want to try to shoot for the readership, not for the search engines. That is, I wanted to make an author's channel tied to a person, not an informational one. Otherwise, it will be exactly the same project as a blog, with the same efficiency and taking up all the time..

Of course, I have almost no experience of running a channel and Instagram, so it is foolish to count on something serious. Actually, I do not expect 🙂 I am interested in checking my guesses about «originality». After all, there are a bunch of channels, and someone who is original almost from the first video gets to the top, and someone who is banal for years has a small number of views. What if I can find my chip with regular video filming? 🙂 And there it is already possible to take up the project more seriously. It was also difficult to write on this blog at the very beginning, but then «signed». And now, if the mood is good, then generating content is not a problem, it is written by itself. But it may well be that exactly «text» mine and not «video», so let's check.

First video

For convenience, the videos will go directly to the channel, post on the social network and go straight to the mail. That is, you do not need to go to the blog to look, you do less per click. But I post the first video on the travel theme here. I just filmed how we climbed Rosa Peak and walked to the top with a view. Eh, how beautiful it is.

P.S. You will help me a lot if you can tell me what else to make a video about. Maybe you want to know something, I can tell you. I don’t understand at all what you can shoot about if you don’t make informational videos 🙂 Plus, the brain is somehow already sharpened for the text.