How was the 2nd Life-trip meeting in Kolomenskoye

So the second meeting took place 🙂 I again thought that few people would come, but I was mistaken, there were 30 of us. Moreover, the most interesting thing is that almost everyone came for the first time. And the participants of the first meeting apparently have already left somewhere, as promised, and this is great! Thank you all for the positive mood and exciting conversations..

The meeting was held in the same way in a circle, at first everyone told about himself, and then we split into groups of interests. True, these groups were constantly intermixed, and, to be honest, I wanted to be in each, but, alas, there was not much time. Also this time there were funny songs with a guitar (ProYOU group), which added an additional touch to the atmosphere of the meeting. And a little more frisbee left, active rest is useful 🙂


Based on the experience of holding such meetings (it was somehow in my youth), in such a format it is likely to get tired of meeting forever, and it is better to hold something thematic. For example, choose one of the topics that someone will be able to speak on: wintering in Thailand, who earns how for a free lifestyle, ways of emigration, etc. Something like a webinar in nature. It is just as good to get together somewhere and go, starting from the estates near Moscow, ending with Uzbekistan. But this is so, thoughts out loud and for the future, provided that at least someone remains in Moscow, including us. And then almost all are avid travelers, and some of them are also winterers in Southeast Asia. Therefore, when the next meeting will be and in what format, I have no idea. Maybe in Thailand it will be possible to do something similar 🙂

As promised, I'm making a post to share contacts and photos..















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P.S. Who has photos, throw a link to the album (archive, album in VKontakte, etc.).
P.P.S. One of the participants proposed the idea of ​​creating a private club for «their», almost with membership fees. And here I was thinking about something, it is / is not worth it, and if it is, then why. What do you think?