How was the 6th LT meeting in Aonang

This was our last meeting in Thailand, at least this season. Whether we will come here for the next winter, I don't know, we are not planning yet, and if we succeed, we want to try something more European. In general, now the next meeting will be in Moscow, if there are people willing to cross paths 🙂

And in Aonang we had a great time on the beach, chatted warmly and sincerely. However, this is almost always the case when people with common interests meet. Moreover, this time absolutely all those present were bloggers! How it happens 🙂 Probably, after a while there will be no one left who would not blog, this is such an infectious thing, I tell you ...













We learned:
- How much is an apartment in Bulgaria and the scheme of moving there
- That there is only a year left, when you can get to the North Pole (22 thousand US dollars), but it is cheaper to go to Antarctica (150 thousand rubles)
- About divorces with the purchase of an apartment in Pattaya
- How expensive and cheap to live in Langkawi

Guys, thanks for coming! It was really very cool. I am glad that our tradition of meeting in real life continues, and I hope that someday these meetings will become regular..

Egor is behaving very calmly for the second time already! Though just straight and do how to meet people)))

P.S. I left links to the blogs of all participants, but you can also exchange other contacts in the comments.