To Thailand with an experienced guide

A good friend of mine, Shamil Minnullin, decided to start organizing group trips to Thailand. The first group will go with him to the tropical island of Koh Chang from August 15th to 24th (a good time to travel to Tai). This offer is suitable for those who do not just want to relax on the beach, but also immerse themselves in the country's culture in full. In my opinion, it is very convenient when there is an experienced person nearby who will tell and tell everything, from searching for a ticket to Bangkok, ending with ordering a boat on Koh Chang. It is clear that you can go on your own and do everything yourself, but firstly, it is easier for some when there is a guide, and secondly, this is a huge saving in time for preparation, especially if the experience of independent travel is still minimal.



If you are interested in this offer, then here is a link where Shamil described in detail every day of travel, as well as all the costs for it -

You can tell that this is an advertisement. Yes, in a way it is. But! I really want to help him get a group. Do you know why? Because after this decision of his (about recruiting groups), I also thought that I want to do similar things. I have already been told about this more than once, but I still doubted it. Probably, this is my main problem in life, to think and weigh for a long time 🙂

I know for sure that there are people who need an organizer and will be happy to see me as a guide. I, in turn, will be no less happy to help prepare for the trip and be happy to lead it, because traveling is a part of my life, which will never be my usual work. The only moment, I would not want to turn these trips into a faceless tourist stream, since I am for spiritual travel, for full and open communication, and of course, for the participants to become my friends and independent travelers.

So, it remains only to find those who need my services as a guide and assistant. Thank you, Shamil for the inspiration, and it's so great that our thoughts coincide in many respects, perhaps we will be able to cooperate in the future. After returning from our travel in Russia, I will develop a route through Thailand (most likely north + south) and look for participants 🙂

What are your thoughts on this? Am I too naive?

P.S. Hurry up to sign up with Shamil in the group, there are only 2 weeks left.