Kindergartens on Koh Samui - list with coordinates and links

A small note about kindergartens on Koh Samui. We ourselves have not been to any kindergarten, and it's too early, and only specialized ones are suitable for us. But nevertheless, somehow I decided to google and see what is on the island. The list will not be complete, but for those who are just starting their search for a kindergarten, there will be something to start from. So that infa does not disappear in drafts, I spread.
Bo Phut

Near the airport, they also have a playground there for everyone.
Coordinates: 9.5499,100.0671
Kindergarten in Nathon, and school in Maenam
5 minutes walk from Big C

Tonkra nurcery
Mae Nam, coordinates: 9.5686,100.0008

Samui kids club
Nathon beach, children from 4 years old.

[email protected]
Coordinates: 9.5523,100.0322
Near the supermarket Big C

Canon Baby Home
Coordinates: 9.5490,100.0331 near Big C

Soofun Nursery

There is a kindergarten near Wat Lamai, I don't know the name.

Unfortunately, not all kindergartens have websites, especially if they are Thai kindergartens. This has to be accepted, in Thailand even some hotels do not have websites, so this is quite normal. Thus, you can find out some of the information only on the spot or on some forum or in a group, from those people who live on Koh Samui and have already sent their child to different gardens..

Usually Thai kindergartens are cheaper than those organized by foreigners, including Russians. There is someone who likes it. As far as I understand, a Thai kindergarten is good in the sense that someone will look after the child, but the classes will be weak, but again it depends on the specific kindergarten, so read the reviews and ask the longsters.

If you focus on prices, then this is somewhere from 6,000 baht and up to 15,000 per month, for 5 days a week (all day), depending on the kindergarten. It is also worth knowing that some popular kindergartens may not take a child, if you need only 1-2 months, they prefer to take it immediately for a semester.

About playgrounds on Koh Samui, I already wrote too.

If you also came to Koh Samui with a child and want him to go to some kindergarten, it makes sense to settle closer to the chosen kindergarten so as not to travel far every day. Accommodation can be viewed in our personally compiled directory of houses on Koh Samui, where more than 80 houses with a map and a photo. Accommodation for a short period, while you are looking for a house, you can book through RoomGuru, this is just a mega-service, you can immediately see in which booking system (Booking, Agoda, Hotels, etc.) the hotel you need is cheaper. We also have our own detailed review. best hotels in Koh Samui.