On vacation in Prague

If you decide to spend your vacation in European countries, then pay attention to the Czech Republic. This country has amazing nature and has preserved many historical monuments. The capital of this country - Prague is unique. If you really want to plunge into history, then this city is for you.

Prague embankments with rooftop tweaks

Prague embankments with rooftop tweaks

When going on a trip, do not forget to take your camera or camera with you. There is something to shoot here, and the pictures will remind you of this journey for a long time. If you have binoculars for hunting or fishing, they will also come in handy. Here, nature is simply unique, and such a device will help you bring even the most remote corners of this area closer..

Prague is famous not only for its ancient beauty, but also for how the inhabitants managed to preserve its pristine state and bring it all to our days. This city is located in the center of Europe, so there are a lot of tourists here regardless of the season. The date of its origin is the ninth century. But the most unique place in the city is the historical center of Prague. All historical sights belonging to different styles of architecture are united here. The locals call this center the Prague Castle. Here are palaces, museums, galleries. All of them are under the protection of the world organization UNESCO. Prague is located on eight islands. The most beautiful and unique is the Kampa island. The nature here is simply unique, so tourists tend to get here on every trip. If you go to ofin, which is located near the National Theater, you can take a romantic boat trip. Here you will see this amazing city from an unconventional perspective.

If you are fond of the history of the old continent, then such a journey is simply a must. For example, for an easy walk through the historic center of Prague, you will need half a day. But during this time you will accumulate a lot of impressions. This is where you need your camera. If you go on a boat trip on the Vltava, you can admire the simply stunning towers that are located in the city center. There are 100 of them in the city. It is home to about a million inhabitants, and young people are fluent in English..