Jetlag pills and quick adaptation to jet lag

I was talking the other day with a friend who doesn't know what jetlag and melatonin are. So I thought I ought to make a short note. Well, what if someone else doesn't know, it will be useful.

What is Jetlag

Jetlag is a jet lag syndrome, when the body cannot adjust to new daily norms. Of course, if you are flying from Moscow to Prague, then the difference will be only 2 hours and you may not experience any visible inconveniences. Although psychologists believe that even an hour of difference somehow affects a person, such as mini-stress.

However, when you fly to Thailand from Moscow, the difference will be already 4 hours and this may be enough to drop out of normal life for a couple of days. With Israel the difference would be 5 hours, with some European countries 6 hours. Considering that very often such flights are at night, and not everyone can sleep while sitting on an airplane, then you can get out of biorhythms decently. Yes, it all depends on the specific person, whether he is susceptible to such things or not..

For example, only big shifts, such as 4 or more hours and night flights / journeys, noticeably affect me. Then I come to myself for a day, trying to rebuild under the new time zone (go to bed on time and wake up on time), sleep and rest.

But my son begins to be a noble sausage, he can stay awake all night and be capricious. It is sometimes difficult to negotiate with young children, especially, they do not understand why they do not want to sleep at all.

Jetlag tablets

The easiest option is to take a melatonin capsule. In Russia, it is still sold in pharmacies under the name Melaxen, only several times more expensive. I buy out of habit on iHerb, so it comes out much cheaper and then lasts for years.

This is not some kind of serious medicine or sleeping pills, no. It is a circadian rhythm hormone, a dietary supplement sold over the counter in almost all countries. It's a harmless thing. On the contrary, it has a number of beneficial properties, such as an antioxidant or antitumor effect, that is, it prevents aging. I do not think that it should be taken for this very purpose, but with jetlags it can help.

Jetlag pills, carry a little jar with me

Jetlag pills, carry a little jar with me

I always keep it close at hand, because sometimes I cannot fall asleep without flights, but simply because of the excitement before the trip, or the expectation of an interesting event the next day. When there are a lot of thoughts in my head and they persistently climb into my head and climb. Usually it always helps me. But it is unlikely to help people with serious sleep disorders..

Since this is not a sleeping pill, it does not put you to sleep at all. You can safely drink it and then sit all night at the laptop, the capsule will not work. As you know, melatonin is produced in the human body when it is dark, and not when the white light from the screen hits the eyes..