Dolphin Bay or Sam Roi Yot Beach

Dolphin Bay beach (or I also met its name, like Sam Roi Yot) is located in Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park and very close to Hua hin. Usually people come here in the national park itself, and not for a beach holiday. However, if you really stop for the night, then it is best to do it here, because there is at least some kind of infrastructure. You can also live for a long time, the place is suitable for those who prefer calm and quiet places, where the minimum of everything.

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Beach description

The beach is about 6 km long. Obviously not a bounty, but it has the right to be regarded as a beach intended for swimming. Fishing boats are only parked in some areas and do not get in the way. The southern part of the beach is the most inhabited, there are hotels, shops, cafes. In the northern part (the one that is closer to Hua Hin), there is almost nothing, only rare houses of local residents. There is a road along the coastline, access to the beach all the way.

The sand is the most common here, as elsewhere. There are various kinds of shells, and the bottom is silty. There is rubbish, but not much of it. It affects the fact that very few people come here yet, but this place has potential..

Entering the water, depth and waves

The entry into the water is gentle. You will have to walk decently to the depth, probably 100 metro. At the bottom there is silt and stones are periodically found. Waves can be if there is a storm and bad weather. The rest of the time the sea is calm.

Sun beds and shade

There are no sun loungers here, because the hotels, although near the coast, are not beach resorts. While they may be able to provide you with a sun lounger if you wish, the pools have them..

There is no shadow here either. There are trees along the road in some places, but they give little shade, and it is already far from the water (the beach is wide).

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Shops and attractions on the beach

The entire infrastructure is represented by several minimart (this is not 711), cafes, and hotels. There is a bike rental. All this is located on the road along the coast. Prices in the cafe are average. There are other tayshops and cafes on the main road (you will come here along it). The range is very scarce. Alternatively, you can go to the highway (Bangkok-Hua Hin-Surathani) and there is a Tesco Lotus. From here it takes about 20 minutes by car to get there..

Attractions are the Khao Sam Roi Yot National Park. Caves, a couple of beaches, a vantage point, several temples and a large lake with lotuses.

Houses and hotels on the beach

As I said, there are several hotels right on the beach. More precisely, they are across the road from the coast. But since the place is quiet, there is no movement here, then consider the road not such an obstacle.

In addition, there is an opportunity to rent an apartment on a monthly basis. So I wrote, we lived in them.

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Dolphin Bay beach on the map

Dolphin Bay Beach Map

Dolphin Bay Beach Map: