Hua Thanon Beach - fishing beach and trash

Hua Thanon Beach starts opposite Red Temple (Wat Ratchathammaram), passes through stone boulders, past a narrow strip of coast with hotels and resorts, past the village of Hua Thanon and ends with a grand parking for fishing boats near the Muslim village of fishermen.

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The length of Hua Thanon Beach is 1.5 km. Its width is different in different places, from ten meters to zero. From the Red Temple to guan yu chinese temple this is still a relatively normal beach, albeit heavily polluted, but further, in the direction of the fishing village, there is no longer a beach. There are stones, a concrete parapet, a destroyed pier and canals dug near the shore for anchoring boats. The beach surface is very contrasting - fine gray sand and large brown pebbles. It's all mixed with rubbish.

Cleanliness on the beach is not maintained anywhere, except for the areas that are directly adjacent to the hotels. The sea on Hua Thanon is shallow, the water rises high during high tides, brings garbage, and at low tide carries it away, partially. Garbage is mainly of natural origin, but along the village of fishermen, nature is much inferior to humans.

People who are unprepared or squeamish should not enter a fishing village. The stench of jerky fish, sewage treatment, sewage, fishing gear, trash heaps along houses and on the shore is not a sight for Greenpeace members. There are not many people on the beach, as a rule, they are residents of hotels and resorts, which squeezed into 40-50 m of space between the Ring Road and the sea.

Tourists, if they call in, then in order to take pictures and go further. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a short overview of all the beaches of Koh Samui, will help you decide on the choice of the beach.

Entering the water, depth and waves

The shallow waters on Hua Thanon are interspersed with deep waters that allow small seagoing vessels to come close to the shore, but they also allow waves to erode the shore. The beach often features concrete rings that reinforce the sandy slopes along the hotels. The entrance to the water is spoiled by stones and debris, in some places there are algae.

And if you really want to swim on the Hua Thanon beach, then the safest and cleanest place to enter the water is near the boulders in its northern part. Holidays with children on Hua Thanon are not recommended, this place is hectic, dirty, noisy, and not far from the road.

Sun beds and shade

On the beach along Hua Thanon, fishermen have occupied the entire coast with boats, tackle, garbage and bamboo houses in which they rest. There are sun loungers in front of the hotels, but on their own territory. There are no sun loungers, umbrellas, air mattresses and other beach equipment on the public part of the beach.

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Hua Thanon Beach is located five minutes away from Lamai, and the village of Hua Thanon itself is quite lively and rich in various services and shops. The nearest Tesco Lotus hypermarket is 10 minutes away by car, if you want to shop in large quantities.

Trifle is sold in the markets, in the mass of tayshops and several minimarkets in the village. A large IT Complex is located nearby, there are several gyms, a mosque, car rental and travel agencies.

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Houses and hotels on the beach

Along the coastline of Hua Thanon, on both sides of the Ring Road, there are about two dozen small hotels and resorts. The development of the area around Hua Thanon Beach allows you to find a suitable option for self-rental. Of the hotels and villas on the beach, one can note the romantic and airy Villa Nalinnadda, the cute Tropical Sea View Residence and the quite democratic Samui Garden Home Residence. .

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How to find the beach

In order to get to Hua Thanon Beach, you need to go along the Ring Road to the Chinese temple, above which Guan Di's red-faced head sticks out. This is the middle of the beach, you can turn towards the sea anywhere. The main thing is not to go through a 90 ° turn, after which the Ring Road begins to move away from Hua Thanon.

Beach Map

Hua Thanon Beach Map

Hua Thanon Beach Map: