The city of Mtsensk and its surroundings in winter

I have already been to the city of Mtsensk several times, but every time in the summer, and without a camera. It is winter now and the camera was with me. And the weather was very good. Sunny days are so rare in winter Moscow.

What is in the vicinity of the city of Mtsensk: pension ZIL, ski park «ice Age», Turgenev's estate, holy spring, beautiful nature, forests and rivers.

It all started when my friend decided to start downshifting and asked to transport him and his things from Moscow to the city of Mtsensk. Of course, he has all sorts of real estate business there, and he went only for six months, but the experience of living in a small town after a metropolis is interesting. He even promised to write a blog about his impressions. Let's see what happens next, escapes or not.

The city of Mtsensk is a small town with 50 thousand inhabitants on the border of the Oryol region, 320 km from Moscow. Probably, it's not worth going to the city itself. An ordinary province, half of the private sector, half of 3-4-storey buildings, there are also higher houses. We just spent the night in such a 9-storey skyscraper. I will not talk about the decoration of the stairwells, it is not aesthetically pleasing there.

City of Mtsensk. Main square.

City of Mtsensk. Main square.

The roads in the courtyards are not cleared, and sometimes you cannot drive without an SUV.

The main street runs through the entire city and contains all the main shops. All you need to eat, all the services. The best assortment in Magnet, since there are several of them. The number of Sberbanks was striking, practically on every corner. And you can't tell right off the bat that residents perform a large number of banking transactions..

City of Mtsensk. The main street.

City of Mtsensk. the main street.

Whenever I am outside the Moscow region, I buy fermented baked milk. Very different. For some reason, in Moscow, it is completely shitty, like, incidentally, the rest of the products..

The Zusha River passes through the city. Its steep stone banks are perfectly combined with the temples, standing next to.

City of Mtsensk. The rocky coast of Zushi.

City of Mtsensk. Rocky coast of Zushi.

City of Mtsensk. Bridge over Zusha.

City of Mtsensk. Bridge over Zusha.

10 km from the city of Mtsensk there is a font and the most beautiful spring of St. Kuksha. Where we swam safely and got some water. Very refreshing! The font is open from 6 to 22. In winter, on weekdays, except for us, there was no one there, strange, right? In summer there are more people, and on weekends there is even a small queue. Nearby is the skete of a lonely monk, who apparently built all this. He has a skete «modest» - a large log house surrounded by a massive high fence. Also, perhaps, go to the monks ...

Turn to the source of the holy Kuksha.

Turn to the source of the holy Kuksha.



The source of the holy Kuksha.

Source of Saint Kuksha.

It is necessary to swim, splitting on the floor. To the remark that this is my wife, it was said that, they say, the source does not make exceptions for married couples, and may be offended and dry up. They don't go to someone else's monastery with their own people, as they say, so we did not break these traditions that were incomprehensible to us. It is puzzling that the mountain rivers, in which we repeatedly washed our bodies, treated my wife and me favorably, and they still flow, and do not think to dry up.

Font inside. The steam is not from water, but from us.

Font inside. Steam is not from water, but from us.

The next point of our program was the boarding house Zil Mtsensk, literally 5 km from the city. The first impression is that everyone died out in this ZIL, like the plant itself, probably. Indeed, there was no one there, except for a couple of administrator grandmothers. But there are 10 hypothetical ski slopes there, but the lifts work on weekends or holidays, when 10 people are recruited for skiing. Hire - alpine skis (100-400r), boots (~ 250r), no snowboards. Lift 500r / day, if without rental, and 350r / day, if with rental. In principle, sane. But the rooms cost 3000r lux, 2000r usual. Only the suite is not a luxury, but an ordinary one - unusual, both resemble a student dorm. I don't understand why such prices should be set if people hardly ever go there. If you go, then without an overnight stay and on holidays.

Pension ZIL.

Pension ZIL.

On the way to the ZIL boarding house.

On the way to the boarding house ZIL.

Before entering the city of Mtsensk (from Moscow if you go) there is Spasskoye-Lutovinovo, where Turgenev's estate is located. But we didn’t go there, we exchanged it for Yasnaya Polyana museum, Tolstoy's estate, what is in the Tula region.

If you go to these parts, it’s better in summer, but with a tent, the nature there is awesome: hilly terrain, beautiful forests and rivers, Oka and Zusha. And on the way there is a cultural program, stop by at the estates.