Crimea is a vacation that more and more people choose for themselves every year

Resorts of Crimea always attract a large number of tourists. This is not surprising, because there is a very reasonable price policy, nature is magnificently beautiful, memories and emotions are the most vivid and memorable. Every year, numerous local hotels and boarding houses host tourists from various cities of Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belarus, Moldova, Hungary and many other countries. Every year the tourist map of Crimea (2011) becomes more and more diverse and better, the level of service and service reaches European indicators. Numerous resorts for every taste - this is certainly, «chip» peninsula. Hotels and inns of the Crimea offer an inexpensive and exciting vacation at sea both with the whole family, friends, children, and independently. Crimea, undoubtedly, will always remain a favorite place of more than one generation of tourists..

Rest in Crimea

Rest in Crimea

Crimea is one of the most popular resorts in Ukraine and the post-Soviet space. For a long time, the local resorts have been famous for their healing mud, the Black Sea and excellent climatic conditions, which, undoubtedly, create ideal conditions for relaxation and recovery. Anyone who has been to Crimea at least once in his life, sunbathed on golden beaches, swam in the gentle sea, rested in local health resorts - forever takes with him many vivid and pleasant memories. The peninsula on the tourist map of Crimea 2011 is located on the shores of the Black Sea on the territory of independent Ukraine. The area of ​​the peninsula is about 27 thousand square kilometers. The peninsula is divided into four large parts: West, East, Central and South coast.

Almost all large settlements on the tourist map of Crimea 2011 are connected by transport links. Accordingly, your vacation in Crimea can be diluted with tourist trips to neighboring areas..

Rest in Crimea cannot be compared with any other rest, only here you can enjoy the enchanting charm of the richest nature, be inspired by the elements that created this amazing land - the gentle sea and the mighty mountain ranges. The Crimean vacation opens up significant opportunities for tourists - from skiing to health improvement and treatment. But, given the fact that on the tourist map of Crimea 2011 the peninsula is located on the sea coast, the most popular are trips to the Crimea, where treatment and rest are compatible. In the new summer season, the tourist map of Crimea will be full of new boarding houses and hotels, new services and types of recreation will appear that will satisfy the most demanding tourists. Already today, you can see that many more and more often give preference to expensive vacations abroad in the resorts of Crimea, a magnificent vacation on the Black Sea coast..

Today's resorts of Crimea are not a return to the past, when the peninsula was an all-Union health resort, it is, first of all, new opportunities for recreation, sunny coast, magnificent nature, high level of service and your wonderful mood.

Surely it will be very interesting for you to visit the former royal possessions of the Romanov family - Livadia, Massandra, the palace of Count Vorontsov is also magnificent, the Nikitsky Botanical Garden is beautiful, the cable car to Ai-Petri, the Khan Palace, the Marble Caves, the fortress of Sudak. The halls for tasting Inkerman, Massandra, Koktebel, Novy Svet invite you to taste dozens of varieties of delicious cognacs and wines. Sanatoriums, palaces, parks, juniper and pine forests in combination with mountains and the sea create the image of resorts.

Crimea Tourist Map 2011 will provide every vacationer with what he likes. If you want to relax with the whole family in a comfortable private house in one of the many resorts, you want to stay in an excellent room of a famous hotel, rent a magnificent apartment in the center of the resort town, stay in a private boarding house, a first-class holiday home or hotel - all this variety in 2011 you will find at a summer resort in the Crimea. There are many offers in different price categories and levels of comfort, location and service. Come! Pleasant emotions and vivid impressions are guaranteed.