Monster iSport SuperSlim wireless sports headphones - my review

After running a few times with ordinary wired headphones, it immediately became clear to me that this was not my option. And I started looking not only for wireless (Bluetooth), but also sports headphones right away. As a result, they became iSport SuperSlim from Monster. So catch my review.

Those who follow me on social networks and on Instagram know that I started running six months ago. To be honest, I do not do this regularly, but for me it is already a great feat that I started and continued to run even in winter. True, part of the winter I ran in Thailand, but still. Since I don't really like running, I needed some kind of distraction. The ideal option was listening to music or audiobooks. Actually, that's why I was puzzled by the search for headphones. Moreover, headphones will come in handy while traveling too..

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Travel jogging

First of all, I would like to say it again about running. Someone will say, what for to run if you don't like it. But I tried different physical activities and in fact I am not a fan of anything. But you have to somehow keep yourself in shape, given that I sit at the computer all day, that's why running was chosen. So let's say, it's easiest for them to force themselves to do it. So much easier that sometimes I even like it.

And when traveling or at various journeys, this is generally a very convenient thing. Essentially nothing is needed for running: no equipment (dumbbells, horizontal bars), no special place (such as a gym), no rug, no company (as with sports games). All you need is desire. It is clear that it is more pleasant to run along the sea, on a separate treadmill, in running shoes, with sports headphones, but you can do without it. In any case, sneakers with headphones are not difficult to take with you, they won't take up much space in your suitcase. That is, even while traveling, it is difficult for yourself to come up with excuses, they say, I don't know where the gym is, or there are no suitable conditions.

Why you need wireless sports headphones for running

Having run in wireless headphones for almost six months, I can say that I don't want to go back to wired ones. Moreover, not only while running, but in general. I don’t know about others, but the wires are constantly getting confused and interfering, it’s not convenient. Therefore, now only without wires! By the way, you probably know that Apple got rid of the headphone jacks in the latest iPhones. So, there is a grain of rationality in this, there is simply no point in wired devices.

The only plus of wired headphones is that they do not need to be charged and they cannot be discharged at the most inopportune moment. But on the other hand, I'm already used to charging various gadgets all the time, so I personally don't care. Simultaneously with the phone, I also charge the headphones, it makes no difference, after all, put 1 or 2 devices on charge. And in fact, if you forget to charge the phone, then in any case you will not use the headphones, since I listen to music from the phone, and not from a separate player. Do not forget about powerbanks, which have already become an obligatory attribute not only of a traveler, but also of an ordinary person on the way to work..

I also realized that you need to run in sports headphones. Firstly, they do not fall out of the ears at any shaking of the head, and, secondly, they have any kind of water resistance. I was lucky, I also have a waterproof phone, so if it starts to rain, then I’m not afraid of it..

A little photo, everywhere the mouth is open, because on the go

A little photo, everywhere the mouth is open, because on the go

For the last six months I have been running everywhere: Koh Samui, Phangan, Bangkok, Moscow, Haifa

For the last six months I've been running everywhere: Koh Samui, Phangan, Bangkok, Moscow, Haifa

My review of the Monster iSport SuperSlim headphones

Despite the fact that the headphones are completely fine with me and I personally have nothing to complain about (except perhaps a hard wire), but they cannot reach the best wireless headphones - the price tag is raised. Moreover, in the States they can be taken 1.5 times cheaper. On average, such headsets in Russia cost about 5,000 rubles, in theory, somewhere around this amount, the price tag should fluctuate. By the way, there is a model iSport Achieve Wireless for 3,500 rubles, it's another matter at all, but I can't say anything about them, I haven't seen them live, but judging by the descriptions, they have a worse sound and they sit more tightly in the ear. The analogue of my model is rather the new iSport Victory model, the same sound, much simpler packaging, 8 hours of work, the price is less.

However, the choice of sports headphones is generally small. Apparently a narrow niche, so there are not so many alternatives. I do not compare with all wireless headphones, but only with sports ones, and where there is a waterproof and a microphone. You can see for yourself, there are nothing models at all. Although Yandex.Market will give out a sufficient number of options, on closer inspection it turns out that «sportiness» it doesn't smell there, some are too bulky (you need compact and light ones), some will fly out of your ears at the first kilometer (we are looking for active sports). Nevertheless, there are alternatives, and cheaper ones. But I cannot advise specific models, there is no personal experience. Before that I only had wired sports headphones, but it's not correct to compare with them, we need them without wires.


Range: declared 15 meters and somewhere it is.
Charging time: 1.5 hours.
Working time: declared 5 hours, in real life they work 3-4 hours.
Price: ~ 10,500 rubles (at Ya.Market from 8900 rubles).
Description on the site

Box Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless SuperSlim

Box Monster iSport Bluetooth Wireless SuperSlim

Everything in the box

Everything in the box

ISport SuperSlim headphones themselves

ISport SuperSlim headphones themselves

By the way, in headphones I tried not only to run, but also worked out in the gym, rode a bike in Thailand, tried to shake my head on purpose. I don't know what needs to be done to make them fly out of my ears. After my usual Sennheiser plugs, which are only walkable at best, the iSport SuperSlim is a relaxed experience. And I also wanted to add that although they are larger in size than the usual ones, they look quite organic. Although they are not very suitable under the cap, they stick out to the sides, since all the filling is in the headphones themselves, and not separately (for example, on the neck).

On charging, in principle, everything has already been written above - 3.5 hours is not enough, I would like more. If you are used to listening to music all day long, but it will not work. But still, hardly anyone has been involved in sports for so long, I basically just run in them, watch films on the plane and talk on Skype. As a result, I charge no more than once a week. Charging takes place through the usual micro-usb connector built into one of the headphones, that is, any charger for the phone and any power bank is suitable.

Soundproofing is good. Perhaps too much for sports headphones. Therefore, they are suitable for riding a bike with an interference fit. I know that many cycling fans generally prefer on-ear headphones to hear everything that is happening around. But for the metro quite.

One of the important parameters for Bluetooth headphones is whether there is interference and how far you can move away from the phone. Believe it or not, for six months of use, I have never encountered interference, of course, if I was next to the phone. And you can go quite far, 10-15 meters in line of sight without any problems they keep, if closer, it also breaks through 1-2 concrete walls. That is, they can be used safely within the apartment..

Well, and lastly, the sound. For me, it's quite pleasant, there is soft bass, detail is present. But I mainly listen to electronic music, so I can't say if they are suitable for classical music or some kind of jazz..

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