Rest in Pitsunda - photo. Summer vacation in Pitsunda 2015

Rest in Pitsunda

Rest in Pitsunda

Rest in Pitsunda is a healing air with a pine scent, crystal clear sea water, an opportunity to relieve stress and fatigue, walking along a boxwood and pine grove.

The main types of recreation in Pitsunda

  • Excursion: as part of the excursion programs you will see the Patriarchal Cathedral, the Old Lighthouse, a monument “Stone girl”, visit the Khetsuriani museum complex and one of the small lakes.
  • Beach: Pebble and sandy beaches await you in Pitsunda. On the Central Beach of Pitsunda (small pebbles) at your service - showers and changing cabins, a rental point (you can rent an umbrella, sun lounger and equipment for water sports). Since there are no strong waves, this place is perfect for families with small children. If you live in boarding houses that own this beach, the entrance to it will be free for you, but if not, then you will have to pay for the entrance. Those wishing to relax on a sandy beach are recommended to visit the village of Ldzaa (Pitsunda Bay) - here you can admire the beautiful nature, have a snack in summer cafes.
  • Medical: those suffering from nervous disorders, skin and diseases of the cardiovascular and musculoskeletal systems are sent to local sanatoriums, as well as parents bring their children here to strengthen their immunity and improve their health.
  • Active: tourists are given the opportunity to take a paragliding flight (grab a camera or camera to capture Pitsunda from a bird's eye view), ride a jet ski, go on horseback or sea trips, go rafting, have fun on trampoline attractions.

Prices for tours to Pitsunda

Travel agency managers advise to rest in Pitsunda from May to October. The increase in the cost of vouchers (almost 2 times) occurs in July-August, as well as during the New Year and Christmas holidays. As for the purchase of cheaper tours to Pitsunda, this can be done in early autumn. To save even more, and at the same time to heal in local health centers, you can come to the resort in winter and early spring.

On a note!

On the road, you must definitely take with you a protective cream against solar radiation and means from poisoning (in the summer months there is a high risk of getting food poisoning).

Since Abkhazians have a hot temper, on vacation you should not be rude and enter into conflicts with local residents..

If you decide to get some wine, go to the market for it - locals or the hosts from whom you will rent a house can help with a choice of good wine. From rest in Pitsunda it is worth bringing products from shells, wine, chacha, herbal teas, tea, honey, adjika, ceramics and wood products.

Photos of rest in Pitsunda

  • Rest in Pitsunda
  • Rest in Pitsunda
  • Rest in Pitsunda