Trip to Abkhazia

Trip to Abkhazia

Trip to Abkhazia

A trip to Abkhazia will undoubtedly bring many pleasant moments. But, unfortunately, public transport in this country is very poorly developed..

Urban transport

The transport of the country is represented by city buses, fixed-route and private taxis.

The capital of Abkhazia in this regard is more developed than other cities. You can get around Sukhumi by city buses. In addition to Sukhumi, buses belonging to the city also run along Gagra and Pitsunda. For the rest of the country's settlements, the main mode of travel is minibuses.

Domestic models of buses are used as means of transportation, so it is more than uncomfortable to ride in them in the heat. You are also given the opportunity to ride "Ikarus", but they run no more than twice an hour and very slowly.


This type of transport is available only in the capital of the country. Surprisingly, if you compare with city buses, then this is heaven and earth. The park is mainly represented by new cars, which significantly improves the transport situation in the city. At the same time, trolleybuses run much more often than city buses..

Since Sukhumi is not a very big city, there are only three trolleybus routes:

  • you can get from the market to a new area with a stop at the train station;
  • from Kyalasur through the market to the lighthouse;
  • from the old village to the market with a stop at the station square.

The fare is paid directly to the driver.

Minibuses of Abkhazia

It is the route taxis that are the main way to travel around Abkhazia. They work both in the city and as intercity buses. The price of the trip depends on the distance.

Drivers do not tie the movement of their car to any route. The choice of minibus movement depends on the momentary needs, i.e. drivers just take people wherever they want.

And although minibuses run quite often, at the final stops you have to wait a long time for the salon to be full. This sometimes takes up to 20 minutes..

The money for the trip must be given to the driver, and since there are always problems with change, it is best to keep small bills on hand. You also need to clarify where the minibus is going..


The largest taxi company in Abkhazia is Garuda-Express. The park is represented by cars of various classes. There are minibuses, comfortable minivans, and trucks..

The head office of the firm is located in Sukhumi. Branches can be found in Gagra and Gali. Thanks to this, there is a single route connecting all the resort places of Abkhazia.

Abkhazia is the country of the soul


  • Trip to Abkhazia
  • Trip to Abkhazia