Resorts of Albania: photos, description

Resorts of Albania

Resorts of Albania

The long-term isolation of Albania did not allow the general tourist community to get acquainted with its resort merits, although, like any Balkan country, it could offer its guests sun, sea, excellent cuisine, and traditional hospitality, if it was allowed. Fortunately, the situation is changing, and foreign speech is increasingly heard in the resorts of Albania, and Russian travelers have begun to actively explore its beaches..

For or Against?

When choosing resorts in Albania for a summer vacation, it is important to weigh all the pros and cons of such a decision:

  • There is no direct flight from Moscow to Tirana yet, but the travel time, taking into account the transfer at one of the European airports, will not exceed 6-7 hours. During docking, you can entertain yourself with a pleasant shopping in duty-free shops.
  • During the summer beach season, a visa to the resorts of Albania is not required for Russian citizens, which is very convenient in comparison with travel to other Balkan countries.
  • The safety of tourists in the country, contrary to popular belief, is at a quite decent level, and there are comfortable hotels in any resort in Albania.

Stars are not the first magnitude

Resort Albanian cities can hardly be called stars of the first magnitude, because their popularity in the European tourist market is only gaining momentum. In the meantime, the resorts of Albania attract guests with their opportunity to wander the old streets without a large crowd, taste Balkan specialties without fuss and queues at restaurants and swim in relative seclusion in the blue and clear sea.
The town of Saranda is located on the Ionian coast in the south of the country. Its hotels are quite comfortable even for guests spoiled by service. Fish restaurants, clean beaches and architectural attractions in the rank of protected by UNESCO are good reasons to choose this particular resort of Albania for your vacation..
It is much easier to get to the city of Durres than to Saranda, and therefore it is noisy and crowded here even by the standards of the popular Balkan resorts. Hotels in Durres have both two and three stars on the facade, and finding accommodation within your means is not a problem here. The cultural program of the guests of this resort in Albania invariably includes a visit to ancient ruins, including an aqueduct of the 2nd century BC. and an ancient mosaic depicting Orpheus and having at least a thousand-year history.


  • Resorts of Albania
  • Resorts of Albania