Holidays in Andorra in February: prices and weather. Where to relax in Andorra in February

Holidays in Andorra in February

If you like mountain trails and snowboarding - go to the ski resorts of Andorra. It is especially good here in February. It is in this month that most of the snow falls, you can enjoy skiing or snowboarding. The air at this time is especially clean and fresh. To ski in the mountains, you can, of course, go to Austria or Switzerland, but if you compare the cost of holidays in European ski resorts, the comparison will be in favor of Andorra.

Weather in Andorra in February

Winters are very sunny and quite mild here. The temperature at the top of the mountains and at night will drop below zero, and will be 5-7 degrees with a sign «minus», during the day you will feel very comfortable. Holidays in Andorra in February will bring you a lot of pleasure and will be much cheaper than in other mountain resorts..

Peculiarities of recreation in the mountains in Andorra

There are 5 stations in the mountains here. The territory of the country is small, and therefore even a week-long vacation in this country will allow you to visit all ski stations and enjoy the descent on slopes of varying degrees of difficulty. If you intend to visit different slopes and use the lifts more than once or twice, then it would be best to purchase a special skipass card, which will allow you to use lifts throughout the country at any time convenient for you. For 6 days, its cost is about 200 euros. You can get from the capital to any ski resort by bus in less than an hour. And if you have not brought equipment with you, you can rent it or purchase it at lower prices than, for example, in Moscow..

If you are not a pro in this business, then classes with a trainer will allow you to master the basics of skiing or snowboarding on the mountain slopes. It is clear that you will have to pay extra for his services..

Excursion rest

There are many museums in the capital, and visiting at least some of them is worth it to get a more complete picture of the country:

  • Postal Museum,
  • Perfume Museum,
  • Automobile Museum,
  • Motorcycle Museum,
  • Microminiature Museum,
  • Electricity Museum,
  • Tobacco Museum.

And this is not a complete list. Andorra even has a museum of Russian nesting dolls, where more than 200 of these primordially Russian beauties are displayed. If you are interested in ancient buildings, then in La Margineda, which is located near the capital, you should see the bridge, built in the Middle Ages, and the Church of Santa Coloma.

Holidays in Andorra

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